June 2, 2009

Now, let's get on with the happy happy show!

oh man the Ashes are coming up soon hellz yeah! bring it on pommies!

Welcome to the first season finale of the CJ Curry Experience. Yeah!

And now, because I have nothing better to do:


Some of the better stories I've had from this semester.

I did the Zombie Shuffle in Melbourne in early May. It was much the fun. I took the train back home. I slept on the way back. I woke up just as we were leaving my station. I got off at the next station and waited for a train back. Bear in mind that I was covered in some seriously cheap-ass fake blood - in other words, food dye. As I was waiting for a train at the not-very-crowded station, a bloke walked past, looked at me, had a double-take, and asked me "Are you alright, mate?" I looked confused for a second, stammering "Yeah... I'm fine, yeah..." I remembered, looked down at my chest, and said "Oh THAT!"

During orientation at my university, I took part in pretty much everything. I decided that since I had barely done anything to that awesome degree before, I might as well make an effort here. The Porters Challenge, particularly, was fun. We did pushups on the road underneath the red-hot February sun then decided to cool off by crawling in mud. That was quite fun. What was even more fun - and also more embarrassing - was my volunteering for an activity before knowing what it was for. Turns out that me and another guy had to shove tampons up each others' noses, then play a game of Gay Chicken... I don't know what's worse, the fact that I played Gay Chicken with a tampon up my nose, or the fact that I won.

Finally, a quick one from the bar. Earlier in the night, I had dressed up as a zombie - again - for a competition that we ultimately came second in. Oh well. Still in costume, we all went to the bar, and as I was buying a drink, a few guys came up to me and asked me about the costume. Bear in mind that I had one arm in my t-shirt at the time. One guy started singing "Zombie" by a band I can't remember the name of, and another guy held his hand out to shake mine - the one that was hidden.

I never said they would be funny. I read somewhere that if you want to be involved in comedy, you have to be honest. HOW HONEST CAN YOU GET!?!?

...anyway. Why I'm called CJ Curry?

CJ is my first name.

Curry is from Prime Minister Curry, a guy from a game who promised he'd open a curry store if elected. Yes, it was Engrish. No, he wasn't actually Prime Minister Curry. That was just his nickname from an Internet walkthrough whose address is currently not in my memory.

And finally, the best bits of the first season...

...will not be shown due to budget cuts. We apologise for our oversight and your incontinence. I MEAN INCONVENIENCE

By the way, I bought back my Caps Lock key back before Post 6 but not my Shift key. It has been excruciating. I have been able to copy & paste symbols (take that, you continuity-error-spotting freaks!) but that's about it.

Nobody's been responding to the polls so I nuked them.

I'm still getting mindfucked from Post 14. Not cool anymore.

Finally, I've made several references to popular culture here and there in my titles and posts. Find them, and win a thing*.
*Thing, of course, being "an atom of oxygen".

Join me next series, when my word of the week will be "bourgeois", I make C++ my bitch as well as Java, I get into a tangle with a tiger, and Bridie kisses James just as Scott comes into the room.

Goodnight! See you next season!
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