May 25, 2012

I wish for winter to be over before it starts.

do the whirlwind.


Let B be a quotient of a topological space (A,S) and let π : A→B denote the natural projection. We say that a subset U ⊆ A is π-saturated if π-1({z}) ⊆ U for all z ∈ π(U). WHAT THE??


I am...



We have here a failure to juxtapose the bright blue chicken with the red hot vulture and we see that the result is a black swan fighting a gold eagle. WE DO NOT LIKE THIS!!!

I am now going to write a sequence of numbers on the screen. Your aim is to guess the rule.

1, φ, 42, e, 3, π, 7, γ, 88, 54, E, 37.

RULE: (for those who gave up)

This is Melbourne. There is no "early" or "late" time for seasons to arrive. The seasons are omnipresent and all they do is take turns every day. And by "day" I of course mean "hour". And by "hour" I of course mean "second". I second my own motion and it passes unanimously: Melbourne has shit weather.

hello there.

Listen, punks. I'm about to go all whoop whoop on your candy-ass Warp 1.9, so shut the fuck up and let me do it because I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about. I am so shit at trash-talking. I'll try recyclable-talking.

Blast. Blast and blast again


...fuck. That last explosion killed my GPU. I'll repair it and see you next week.

May 20, 2012

Tell your mother that they have pie.

rip into it.


Time for a newspost, Curry-style.

ARMS FOR AN EX-PARALYTIC: in Massachusetts, a stroke victim paralysed for the past 15 years has used her thoughts to control a robotic arm. She used this arm to take a sip of coffee, showing part of a huge breakthrough in technology. Though this is an amazing accomplishment for all involved, I can't help thinking that we're only two steps away from this...

STIMULATE ME: the economy in Greece is so bad that they could end up leaving the Euro. Given the weak economies in other countries, I wouldn't be surprised if Italy or Spain follow suit within a matter of years. The Euro was introduced a decade ago, and already it is highlighting issues with the notion of a currency consistent across a larger region than a country. I'd be prepared to say that Greece is on a slippery slope...

GOT HIS MITT ON THE PRIZE: Mitt Romney is about two steps closer to becoming the Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential election. Gods help us all.

YOUR FACE IS PUBLIC: Facebook has had its IPO and now its stock is open to the public. And it flopped. Apparently, the dot-com era is over and has been for the last ten years or so. I'm eagerly awaiting the dot-net era, the dot-org era, the dot-edu era, and (hopefully) the dot-biz era.

PLANE STUPID: Julia Gillard's plane suffered a nervous breakdown (and who can blame it) as it was about to fly out of Townsville to Chicago. The trouble is, there's no way to tell why the plane broke down: whether it didn't like its origin, its destination, or its cargo.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Queen Lizzy's Diamond Jubilee celebrations - that is, celebrating her sixtieth year as reigning monarch of England - are still well and truly in full swing, with a note from Google News about her gloves and how they are pretty much her trademark. I'd make a pun here about "fitting her like a glove" but it's been done to death. FML.

THE HEAT IS ON: Australia's last 60 years have been its hottest, according to new research. This heat also cannot be explained by natural causes. Tell us something we don't know.

RING OF FIRE: an annular solar eclipse is due to take place this weekend, with the best viewing place to be the Bay Area in the US. An annular eclipse is one where the new moon blots out most, but not all, of the sun's light, leaving a ring of the sun visible for a small period of time. Right about now, we need a revival of BARF. No, that link is NOT a troll. Read it fully.

BED TIME: time for me to get some sleep. That's not news, it's just an amusing fact. Nighty night!

May 9, 2012

No, I will not eat your damn cookies!

throw it away.



It's been a long time since I updated you on the goings-on of Curryland. Take a journey with me as I visit the spice-rich highlands, lowlands and midlands (but also the semihighlands and the partiallylowlands) of Curryland.


We're here.

This here is my house. It's made out of old-fashioned silicon bricks, like they used in attics in the 1970s in Kenya. The chimney is made of obsidian and rainbows, and the attic is made out of new-fashioned silicon bricks, like they used in attics in the 1990s in Kenya. Come step inside. And now step back outside, because I don't allow guests and we're running out of time.


This here is my office. As you can see, not much has changed since this video. Except that we have our mouse hole now. And we also have a plot hole. The plot hole is filled with continuity errors. The White Lion has spotted one: post 21 conflicts with post 74. Spot where! I dare you!


Now we're in the Currytopia city square. Cast your eye upon the broken mango statue in the middle, and to your left and right, the great slabs of concrete that make up our pavement. A thousand dollars of cash and cheques went into those slabs. Seriously. The next person to take to those concrete slabs with a jackhammer is gonna get mighty rich.

Let's take a walk down Sutphin Boulevard. Not in a gay way. Because I am not gay and I probably never will be. As we walk down, feel free to gaze upon the row of trees. They are fruit trees and they grow blood oranges.


We have been teleported to magic land. My mistake. I set the teleporter's tralking calibrators a fraction high and completely forgot to change the frelaptic levers with the "hezmanic" setting. Let me reset the sekarmivonks and we'll be on our way.


We're back in Curryland. This is my NERF arsenal. Meet my four guns: Sascha, Natascha, Tasha and Bill. Tasha is my pride. Natascha is my joy. Sascha is my pride and joy. Bill is compensation for my penis. Let's move swiftly along, because I appear to have crossed a line. The borderline into our neighbouring continent, Cow Country. They appear to have some sort of beef with me.

*cocks NERF gun* Let's war.


We interrput this war with a breaking news story: peace has broken out! We now return you to your regularly scheduled teleporting.


Last stop: the bus stop. Thanks for coming. Now, go away.


May 4, 2012

Is it amnesia?

the hell it is.


super world.

I just spent half an hour of my life salivating over video games and CDs. Well, one CD. People actually still use these things, just like they use the fact that life sucks to justify their nihilistic behaviour. And I agree. Life sucks but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a bit of fun in the process. Like shepherding elephants. I like doing that.

lick drop.

I have set myself ze challenge: twenty-four hour gaming marathon. Games to be played include Super Smash Bros. Brawl, StarCraft II, Unreal Tournament 2004, Mario Kart 7 and I Have No Tomatoes. I have set achievements for myself for 24 different games, and I intend to achieve at least 16 of them. Best of luck to me!

monologue exemplifies.

If someone says "may the fourth be with you" today I will fucking go nuts.

corporate art.

Two weeks until a ball. Not to worry. I've handled balls before. I seem to always be sober when it comes to balls, but it's better than being drunk. Despite the fact, of course, that they're always long and hard and always end up with more people being involved than there should be. In YOUR endo!

so simple.

Tonight, I go to see Orbital. Hopefully they will play stuff from In Sides, but my gods if their new stuff is similar I'm going to be loving that too. Much fun ahoy! Also, tomorrow and Sunday I'm going to be on the go. Thankfully I have no homeworks due. And I shall be using le Swotvac for prac classes for topology and JEZUS UNI IS ANNOYING THIS YEAR.

burning up.

I need some sleep. I'll get some tonight, believe you me.

le bump.
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