June 18, 2011

Well, that about wraps it up for another season.

the 100th experience has begun...


(closest thing I could get to spectacles)

Welcome to the last CJ Curry Experience for Season 5, and the last until at least the end of July. I never thought I'd reach 100 episodes, but here I am, and here it is.


I'm gonna say that this blog has pretty much done, and exceeded, what I wanted. I aimed to entertain, to fascinate, to confuse, and to piss you off. I've done all four. And I've also gotten something out of it for myself: I've discovered just how much I've changed in the last two-and-half years. You can see that for yourself: check out this - my first blog post - and see just how much my writing and my personality have changed.

I won't lie. I toyed with the idea of throwing this blog out the window once I hit a hundred, so I can focus on other projects I have (namely my 365 project, among others), but then I realised that I can't, really. I'll keep it going for at least up to 200 posts - that's five years worth of posts. It'll be an achievement that isn't obtainable with an Xbox. That'll do me nicely.

As is, I'll be taking another hiatus between seasons and hopefully getting the sixth season out at a faster pace than the fifth. I try to get a post done every five to six days, but this semester I've left (inadvertent) gaps of anywhere up to ten days. So, I can see I've got catching up to do.

  • "When I read it, I don't know what to think" --Nicole
  • "From what I've read so far, it's very witty and hilarious" -- Kristin
  • "I'm a fan of random stuff... I like reading it every few weeks when I'm bored" -- Sean
  • "I like blogs with a point and it seems yours has no point, but well written" -- Simon
  • "Hehe =p" -- Abs
  • "I don't think you've ever replied to any of my comments" -- Chris
  • "I have read some entries, and I like the novelty of it" -- David
  • "Impressive... short and to the point" -- Rishi
  • "With the short attention span I have I often forget to look at it" -- Fiona
  • "I've seen you post it, but haven't really been compelled to take a look yet" -- Josh
  • "I don't really read it" -- Sarah
  • "Creepy" -- Craig
  • Your name and thoughts here? Please comment if you have anything to add!

I started this blog back in March 2009 with a quip of "I can eat a Pounder burger with no negative side-effects". I haven't eaten a Pounder since. I also completely forgot to mention that I'm a gamer (though I did mention it in later episodes). I (hopefully) made people lose The Game real quick - second episode - and hopefully I just made you lose again. Fast-forward to the Ashes and the time when my gaming - and blogging - really kicked off, and I started making a name for myself throughout the college. I now have a readership that includes the US, the UK, China, Denmark, New Zealand, Slovenia, and Russia, among others. Not bad for an Australian blog! As of writing I have over 1,500 hits. Thanks to each and every one of those 1,500, including the 1,499 that were from me. Also thanks for the 31 comments (including my own 9 comments) and for the 1 endorsement (which of course was all me).




Global news: a huge step has been taken by the UN to recognise the rights of LGBT people - finally, they have recognised that LGBT people are actually people and have voted that discrimination against them is bad. In other developments, Antarctica has been discovered to be really freakin' cold.

Regional news: the volcano in Chile is recovering from its hangover and is spewing out hot ash less. Good news for air traffic control. Bad news for volcano hunters. In other developments, New Plymouth in New Zealand has been ripped to shreds by two tornadoes. Apparently nobody's been hurt, so it seems like all's well.

National news: our Prime Minister Julia "Ranga" Gillard is being compared pretty much nonstop with our ex-Prime Minister Kevin "07" Rudd, whom Gillard ousted one year ago. Ms Gillard's approval ratings are pretty damn low right now, and honestly I can't see much good coming out of this. For anyone. (Except maybe our non-Prime Minister, Tony "Budgie-Smuggler" Abbott.)

Local news: a man has died trying to save a 10-year-old girl, presumably his daughter, from a house fire on the Mornington Peninsula. Unfortunately, both man and daughter died at the scene.

College news: exam time! How are you lot all faring? I'm one down, three to go; this actually marks another historic occasion for the Experience because this is the first time I've ever written an Experience during a semester exam period. But enough of that.

Sport news: State Of Origin III will happen and it'll be damned important to New South Welsh and Queenslanders alike. But I don't give a tinker's toss. I'm outta here.








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June 13, 2011

Your FACE is a beanbag chair.

the 99th experience has begun...


So it's nearly a hundred episodes. Nearly. But not. Seriously, can't you tell the difference between 99 and 100? You stupid monkeys. 99 is when you add 66 and 33 and 100 is when you multiply 50 and 2. But anyway. I've got something planned for Episode 100 (yeah, that's an outright lie) so I'll wrap up this series unofficially here. Goodbye.

Or maybe I'll wrap it up unofficially at the end of the post. Al-fucking-right, here you go then.
  • 2011 started out with summer, like every year does. But summer failed us, so we looked at autumn instead. Autumn is a really nice word. It's part of my suburb's name: Autumn Hills. (yeah, that's another outright lie) If you go stealing the name "Autumn Hills" I will mash you. I'm serious here.
  • Spent most of January in and out of Fundoora and the Rat, going between duty and cricket; between cheese and cats; between aeroplanes and nothing. So there's not much to report except for a mashed left thumb (courtesy of a leap of faith).
  • The hot tub. Rach, Em and Mike have stumbled across a goldmine here. Much fun has been had in the hot tub since January, and much fun will be had sooner or later. By the way, we had cheese and crackers and wine in that hot tub, it wasn't all just unsophisticated student parties (yeah, that's also an outright lie).
  • Oh yeah, I stayed in Menzies College for a week. I don't think I'm properly cleansed yet, either. Next goal: Glenn College.
  • February was where things really kicked off. I allegedly became sillier (yeah, I wish that was an outright lie) and I definitely helped kick off uni for a handful of dozens of pairs of groups of students. And I was never pulled into a pit of mud. Only pushed.
  • Team Slightly Grey - if you're reading this, we all know who the real winners of that day were.
  • March marched onwards. As it tends to do. I zombiefied myself for the fifth time. I took a Frisbee square in the teeth. (Unfortunately they weren't the teeth I'm removing in a few weeks' time.) And I lost my voice. As well as started uni, ofc.
  • Kirsten took the most annoying photo of me, ever. But that's OK. I've counterbalanced it with the best photo of me, ever. It's my Facebook profile pic. If you don't know my Facebook by now, you are a stalker and you must fuck off. Everybody fucked off? Good. Move on.
  • In April, chocolate came.
  • I buggered off to SXSE for a week. (That's abbreviation-speak for "south by south east".) Which is quite literally what the independent island nation of Tasmania is (yeah, that last bit was an outright lie).
  • I picked up a new toy. The new toy was merely an upgrade. But hell if it's not a really COOL upgrade. Besides, the upgrade will become more useful as we progress.
  • I temporarily turned into the Stig Grand High Super Top Head Vice Ultra Mega Happy Democrator ALOYSIUS J. SNOTTENHEIMER, Ph. D., supreme dictator of the Democratic Republican Empire of Curry (or Curryland for short), of which Autumn Hills is a suburb. You may, of course, address me as "Hey you".
  • I picked up a zombie laptop and killed it again within some 30 hours. Piss eggs. Also the Fist returned. Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnnn... And speaking of fists:
  • May saw me seeing Lights And Music, the same way that January saw me seeing a Wildcat. We added about fifty pages to the college cookbook - all of them blank - and I sang about The Truth (yeah, none of those were outright lies).
  • We held a ball. (Write your own jokes.) I wish I could have gone in a Tanooki suit - I'm seriously considering one of those next time around.
  • I planked. (yeah, that's almost an outright lie)
  • And now we're in June. I'm not going to tell you anything about June, because quite frankly, I'm a stuck-up pretentious wanker who thinks that my blogs are popular worldwide (yeah, that's an outright lie). It's fucking cold. I'm fucking cold.
See you soon. One to go.

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June 6, 2011

Pages and pages and pages...

the 98th experience has begun...


It's nearly hundredth post time. I never thought I'd even reach ten posts, let alone thirty-seven, let alone forty-two, let alone sixty-nine, let alone seventy-one, let alone ninety-seven, let alone ninety-eight, let alone a hundred. So I'm looking back at my previous posts and commenting on them:
  1. I'm still a maths student.
  2. People deserved to know a lot about me. But then again, they didn't want to. Either way, loyal readers (if they exist) got the info they didn't need.
  3. I don't really live with a bunch of people any more - just two - but I still like the word 'bunch'.
  4. Java rules. C++ drools.
  5. I (obviously) got my capslock key back.
  6. Psytrance is cool. Your argument is invalid.
  7. I met my tall, dark stranger. Turns out s/he wasn't gay.
  8. Apparently, it's still raining. I like rain.
  9. This was probably my best story ever. And it was based almost entirely off a game. What does that say about me?
  10. Yolk's on you.
  11. Enough of your pancakes. Enough.
  12. I'm planning another survey soon. Hopefully other people will take part.
  13. Welcome to winter. Again.
  14. ...yeah, that mindfuck hasn't been proven to work. But it was worth a shot.
  15. Arbitrary. I still like that word.
  16. I'm still yet to try polyphasic sleep. Thanks to my schedule, it'll probably never happen. Not unless I decide to go part-time, and even then...
  17. I'm over bicycles. I prefer aeroplanes.
  18. 1 is prime, 3 is prime, 5 is prime, 7 is prime, I am prime.
  19. Music is what feelings sound like.
  20. First Zombie Shuffle was followed closely by my second Zombie Shuffle. Still waiting on the third.
  21. Very little has changed. Except my age. I'm not a thousand and one. I'm a hundred and ten.
  22. My playlist has expanded by seven songs. I may not post them. You may not care.
  23. I still like fucking with people's minds.
  24. I'm seeing fewer and fewer 21sts, since I passed mine.
  25. I still like trolling YouTube. Haven't been doing it much lately though.
  26. Super happy fun time.
  27. Man, I must have been LOOPY back then.
  28. I retconned the "making-of". Then again, I retcon most of my life.
  29. A better way to blog.
  30. Food is always good.
  31. iStillHate 2.0
  32. Backspace keys are pretty damned important.
  33. My first post as a mentor. Win.
  34. I need to join the Dead Poets' Society.
  36. "Don't break" nearly took off. Shame it didn't.
  37. I'll leave this one alone.
  38. In verses <3
  39. Heat and humidity kinda didn't come this summer.
  40. If I thought I was in over my head in October 2009, I had another thing coming.
  41. "Curry Sanfrancisco"? Jeez, CJ, you're TERRIBLE at satire.
  42. "Season 3 will be intermittent or cut short". Season 5 has been worse.
  43. Oh yeah, that interview. I failed it.
  44. I can just as easily go through a random list of my favourite tunes and see 20 different ones pop up.
  45. I also believe in "get cape, wear cape, fly".
  46. Music is win.
  47. This was before "Your Love" by The Aston Shuffle was released. Plagiarists!
  48. Snowed under right now.
  49. It's still time for milking.
  50. Those three things still shake me. Good luck finding them.
  51. Well done Joan for winning the last Curry Sanfrancisco competition.
  52. I still maintain Beethoven should still be alive.
  53. Oh god, don't get me started on censorship in Australia. Draconian much?
  54. I ate that chocolate pie.
  55. My project is still on indefinite hiatus, but it still exists. I've got about a hundred unfinished projects.
  56. Good to see I have you a genesis story.
  57. I memetically sealed my blog after that incident.
  58. I need to do another Engrish post.
  59. I'll tackle Ruby and maybe Haskell. They sound fun. And I'm still non-plussed.
  60. It was so much fun writing that post. You have no idea.
  61. People thought that Season 3 was a metaphor for how I was feeling trapped within the college. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  62. I'm wearing noticeably more colour lately.
  63. I haven't put many signs up. This year it's just been "USE YOUR CJ" - in-joke - the Free Speech Flag saying "colourless green ideas sleep furiously", and my drawing saying "fortune favours the persnickety".
  64. Only XIII paragraphs? I'm slipping.
  65. I was a busy busy boy back then.
  66. I got my post! And I've kept it until now. So far so good!
  67. I still sleep restlessly.
  68. Barbara Streisand is still hot stuff.
  69. I'm not touching this one either.
  70. Topic 2 is still relevant. I didn't have a 21st. I was ultra ultra busy being run off my feet.
  71. Waiting on Mario Kart 3D to come out.
  72. I like the word "also".
  73. Idealistic much?
  74. Oh god that video was the best thing I ever created.
  75. I have weird music obsessions. Mark Ronson <3
  76. How do you feel / about being lonely, said one to the other.
  77. Grungy house is still the bane of my existence.
  78. Don't think I'll be wearing a bag on my head much.
  79. Still love Pistolwhip.
  80. "Use your CJ" - Amy Lee
  81. Clearly the start of a paradigm shift.
  82. Clearly I liked Timebomb at that point.
  83. Double words!
  84. I like aeroplanes too much.
  85. I'm still about half-ruled by those things. I should do another one of those posts.
  86. Someone remarked that the paradigm shift was a sign that my blogs were becoming negative - that is, that my state of mind at the time fucked them over. Maybe. Maybe.
  87. My writing again.
  88. I have a 3DS, but I'm not touching the iPad.
  89. I took that test myself. I'm a Hotly Mild Curry.
  90. Short blog. Again, part of the paradigm shift. (I clearly love the word "paradigm".)
  91. Slightly vintage Curry.
  92. I still love Coma Cat. Seriously.
  93. Tasmania was beautiful. If you get the chance, go. I wouldn't live there, but it's still beautiful.
  94. I liked that post.
  95. NOT vintage Curry.
  96. I was most proud of the first paragraph.
  97. DAMN it took me ages to compile those lists.
Two to go this season. Catch ya.

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