April 26, 2013

Do it.

"Joss Whedon has his work cut out for him."

The (hypothetical) movie of my life!
  • Name: "Be More Patient Than Reality"
  • Genre: Tragicomedy
  • Writer: Joss Whedon
  • Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Starring:
    • Zach Braff (as CJ)
    • David Tennant (as my oldest friend)
    • Laurence Fishburne, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Paquin, Emma Stone (as my best friends)
    • Jenna-Louise Coleman (as my sister)
    • Ginnifer Goodwin (as my flatmate)
  • Synopsis:
    A semibiographical look at my move to Melbourne and subsequent journey through uni, with about 35% fiction layered on top.
    The film opens when I move to Melbourne and start living it up in college. I make friends and start having a blast at college and uni, but then tragedy strikes as one of my friends is Whedoned (not killed! just realistically written out). After some angsty soul-searching (and a few thrilling heroics), I choose a new lifestyle and begin again. (Sequel? Maybe not.)
    Expect owls. And funny bits. And the Eureka Tower. Also, there may be a scene with a hot tub, I haven't decided yet. (Hell, I've already cut out the scene where I hack ASIO.)
  • Soundtrack:
    • Recover - Chvrches (opening credits)
    • Concertmate (Bobermann rmx) - Alan1 (when I'm going into the city)
    • Never Acid Again (Neonlight rmx) - Cause4Concern (partying haaaard)
    • Lights On - Katy B & Ms Dynamite (at the same party)
    • Diane Young - Vampire Weekend (driving along the freeway)
    • Belong - Washed Out (beach trip)
    • Die Slow (Tobacco rmx) - Health (just after a disappointment)
    • To Cut A Long Story Short (Vicarious Bliss Mellotron rmx) - Cazals (at a particularly sad bit)
    • Lividup - Disclosure and Sleepyhead - Passion Pit (both for the balcony scene)
    • Gonna Make It - Vydamo (during the fireworks)
    • Freedom - Emma-Louise (final song of the movie as it pans up to the night sky)
    • Do The Astral Plane - Flying Lotus (final credits)
  • Run time: ~124 mins
  • Budget: $200,000 (I wish)
  • OFLC rating: MA15+ (naughty bits!)
  • Alright, hell, you can have it in 16:9 HD.
  • Production Company: Grilled Mouse
  • Release date: One day...
alright, that's enough silliness for one day.

April 16, 2013

My kingdom for a curse!

"I told you that I was ill."

...deciding to bet half my sanity against the red door of courage which lifted my spirits of the farcical snackbox which just got replenished with mops and ligatures that don't even make sense in context of greenness, aeroplanes, lift me up beyond the clouds to break my mnemonic, the colours red and brown, and foresight, because white blood cells make lights and musics beyond thoracic goodness and cheeseballs of semi-doom, generating a pain sequence rivalled only by the hawk's eye and the tie-dyed rainy mood gasping for water underneath pobblebonks' lairs and roasted fruitbats, thereby creating mystic opportunities and gyrations, long live my cricket bat, and actual misery incoming decides to have at the carpet of James Bond's plaza, with speakers blaring pasta and videos of naked mole rats clutching screwdrivers used to tread water, albeit shallow, towards cars and cars and cars of caravans and the pencils of hope and diamonds, painted blackest of black and toned down by the public safety officers' truth or falsity value which lies somewhere between the two semimajor axes of ellipsoids and the letter from the grieving pair of headphones with a tad bit of paste right where the sun shines pink and doesn't stop to think that owls have ears, or maybe the floppy keyboard just wanted to chat and read up on chess in the 1980s and the crappy bandwidth that one gets these days on elephants, ballpoint pen caps see reason, sour tastes and a moan from Trentemøller saying "caramel, caramel" when the time deserves it and re-reads the brochure from a company dealing exclusively in CGI USB sticks, corn chips and bite-sized latitude where tawny frogmouths read James Joyce and James Dean and Jamie Oliver for fun and pleasure, not profit, like clowns in the Vatican are likely to do, but when it comes to crunch time yachting can be a harrowing experience, much like retinal blur and dogtags that read "hello world" or just "there", never mind that he is staring, and forget about Hawaii for now because that Noodle Incident proclaimed that you're a fool and fog machines created the universe...

the ghosts are the clouds,
the triangles are squares,
and twin clocks do not always agree.

brought to you by curryland ramblings, inc.

April 9, 2013

Well, it's better than my day job.

"Four friends, a chance, treasure hunting, and cheeseburgers."

Alright, fine. The Ideas Weasel has gone on holiday. So have this instead.

Love is crazy, you know, love shining nuts, majestic creator of his body evolver start

In my opinion that is worth a little bit of fun, and yesterday, on my blog for everyone. If I do, but it does not know you now because the Engrish, knownst, which for me any more than fluff. Strong Engrish! Yeah. I am very pleased and dumplings.

Thank you for your fingers and custard fish.

If you have not seen my Twitter feed, you run. Its focus is on the Monday, I have released five songs every week cool music. Hear the tourists, especially to the Astral Plane Flying the Lotus, this is a brilliant song. In addition, the doctor shook my small world. I really want to see what happens this last two came out.

I think I will now have a new customer writer. Figza core or four, maybe maybe. I have many rope. So, let's take a look at those who ...

Now my main number is 247. This marked increase in my words. It grows quickly, we quickly increase. Also, I think I set the new desktop, and come up with. Great! I love custard buns.

Ah. I, I can tell other people what is everyone involved in it is not a huge spoiler warning? I know! Aircraft, bicycles, all I can say about cheese. This is because it is the ABC's CJ - Curry. So far. This situation may change. Maybe. I do not know.

This episode is not written on my balcony. Someone who has the call my pocket. I asked the custard buns.


Will have a few minutes to me? Thank you. You can get them back is not.

The sun, the rain, and the experience has brought you Ellen Allien, brought to you by Google Translator. Great!

this footer is not the only part that isn't in Engrish.

April 2, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the blogosphere tonight...

"'Elite Freelance Treasure Hunter' has a nice ring to it."

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some sad news for you. The CJ Curry Experience is ending with this episode. It's been a great run and I thank you all for viewing and faithfully tuning your RSS feed readers toward me, but I h... oh wait. April Fool's Day has been and gone again, hasn't it? Dammit. Right, well, that's thrown a spanner in my works, because I have nothing else planned.

Excuse me while I go and feed the Ideas Weasel.

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Music!

Nah, music is pretty much overdone in this blog. And on my Facebook. And damn near everything I touch. (by the way you should go listen to this, this and this) And in the meantime, more food for the Weasel.

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* News!

I did a newspost a couple of posts ago. I don't want to do more than one within such a short span of time, otherwise people will rely on me too much. I ain't a newspaper. (by the way North Korea has spat the dummy at South Korea... again) Time to feed the Weasel again.

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Curryland!

Actually, Curryland is a bit boring at the moment. We've hit a fairly neutral point in our history and we're waiting for the inevitable apocalypse at the end of 2013. (by the way I ate an egg)

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Warped English!

Too late. I've already started the post. (by the way there is another one of these posts coming at a random time and date)

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Aeroplanes!

Aeroplanes are... hm. Actually, I haven't seen many aeroplanes. And the ones I have seen have been annoying as hell. (by the way three stopped us filming a sketch today so I am quite annoyed at them for the moment but I am sure that will change)

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Balcony session!

That... that goes back to music. I gotta upgrade the quality of the Idea Weasel food. Rainbow jelly perhaps?

nom nom nom nom nom

*burp* GTKY!

Get...getting to know you? I only do that twice a year and I have already expired this season's quota! Stupid weasel!

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Hole punchers!

The hell does that even... I can't write a whole blog out of hole punchers!

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Anti-freeze!

Alright. I'm gonna replace the Weasel.

nom nom no-
NO! No more rainbow jelly for you! Back into your box. And for now, I apologise, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to hold off more original content until next time I jump into the Internettingness. Or next Tuesday, whichever comes first. In the meantime, I need a new Ideas Weasel, and if anyone has a fresh one (or second-hand, for that matter) that they'd like to donate to the show, email it to me by April Fool's Day 2013 (in another time zone, silly.) by packaging it up in a manatee-sized box and attaching wings to it via Red Bull.

hey. you try coming up with ideas that don't involve cheese.
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