June 18, 2013

There's a chill in the air.


It's that time of year again. A slitghtly serious post to finish the ninth series off, and to preview the tenth.

Before we do, we interrupt this program to present the contents of my backpack:
  • little tub of jelly babies
  • torch
  • UV torch
  • spare batteries
  • empty containers
  • pencilcase
  • iPod
  • deodorant
  • tablet
  • 3DS
  • DS
  • two DS game cases
  • five or six charger cables
  • sunglasses
  • painkillers
  • small first aid kit
  • toolbox
  • tablet
  • novel-of-the-week
  • two USB sticks
  • water bottle
  • hoodie
  • GPS receiver
  • poncho
  • wristwatch
  • necklace-in-the-making
  • calculators
  • knickknacks
  • mX (if I've recently been to the city)
  • wristwatch
That's not a backpack. That's a friggan purse.

But anyway. A recap of the semester, in dot point form.

  • LE BAM. Best summer EVAR.
  • Bring on the final year project!
  • Centrelink sucks balls. But I am kinda forced on it.
  • Ooh, sweet final year project!
  • I've discovered treasure hunting. And I'm a junkie.
  • Blue hair!
  • Moar T-shirts. Moar and moar and moar.
  • Bring on the final year project.
  • Passing my subject six weeks early!
  • Jumped in headfirst again.
  • Jumped out again. Oh well.
  • Doctor Who, Doctor Whooooooo, HEY! The T.A.R.D.I.S...
  • Final year project is grinding on me...
  • More time off! Let's see some comedies!
  • Hey, I just hundred-percented another game!
  • OK, final-year project is annoying.
  • Jumped in headfirst again. This time I ain't jumping out for anyone.
  • It's winter time! My exams went well. End of the season.
A word from my sponsors:


Thank you.

But still. I am having a great time and my blog has not been updated nearly as much as it should. I am saying this yet again but I'm not sure if I'll keep up my red-hot pace in season 10. The final season from the House Of Leaves. Tune your RSS feed readers my way in late July/early August, as per normal protocol, or else I shall be forced to pour ketchup all over you and call you Lawrence. I just ordered a lifetime's supply of ketchup too, so don't think I'm not serious. Let's begin again soon!

come again.

June 12, 2013

Are you game enough?

"There's a Link in the boiler room! Wait... amidoinitrite?"


I see a handful of joy about to approach me off the starboard side, and genuinely, this fills me with dread. And dreadlocks. I should grab pie.

I have always hated it when, you know, you do that thing, where you do the thing and forget the thing that you were going to do the thing with? You know that thing! Where you forget the name of the thing and the thing is just a thing? And then you read the word "thing" so many times that it stops looking like a word and just becomes a... thing?


I see a cat.

What do a block of ice, the numbers 5 and 0, a cow, a chemical vat, naughts and crosses, and Minecraft have in common?

For a happy ever after, give CJ a call! Just dial 5500 50005005550550550505500555505500050505 5 on your phone (including the spaces) and request a large peanut butter sandwich with extra vanilla extract when the operators get on the line. Unless it's Patricia, in which case, just ask for a small blanket and a pair of tongs. Or Rupert, in which case you should (carefully) ask for a jar of talcum powder.

11h30, and thirty-one seconds!

My magic number is now at 350...

Eat more cake. Please. I speak on behalf of the cookies, cake and carrot consumption committee. Please - more cake!

Finally, an announcement. One more post for season nine. The House Of Leaves has been a good inspiration! Let's keep on keeping on.

god has been away on business for a damn long time.
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