March 27, 2012


be amazed.


What a week. In fact, this week has made me weak so I shall be brief and awesome for brevity's sake and  awesomeness' sake. Mm, sake.

DAY ONE. Stardate, one. Blown completely out of the water by something someone somehow somewhat said, some way or other. But then I blew myself out of the water. Dirty.
DAY TWO. Stardate, three point seven oh one. My green hair did not lead us to any kind of victory. Fuck.
DAY THREE. Stardate, four and a half. By this point, I've pretty much decided to follow through with all that's happened despite looming SWR stuff and demons (how unexpected!) in my head.
DAY FOUR. Stardate, seven. IM IN UR HEAD KILLIN UR DEMONS. Aside from one they pretty much all died that one night. In fact, I'mma say they killed themselves. All from half eight to half ten.
DAY FIVE. Stardate, seven and a half. This is the real life and it's awesome. Fairy tales crop up in the real world too, y'know.
DAY SIX. Stardate, eight. Back in the Rat and winning at le trivia nights. Bottle of bubbly and a coffee percolation device! Plus I has a new blaster so FEAR ME.
DAY SEVEN. Stardate, nine and a bit. Add a presentation night and lots of shoppings and we're rolling.
DAY EIGHT. Stardate, nine and a bit plus one. The trip back from the Rat was uneventful. But I'm back and that's all that matters.
DAY NINE. Stardate... aw, hell. I forget what stardate it was but hell if I'm going to forget that shit's official now. Bring on moar funzies!
DAY TEN. The other stardate. Crash.

Ten days is all one needs, really. And now I present a mental image of me staring at a wall:

And now I present a piece of hedgehog, also via mental image:

And finally, here is the Grand Canyon, inserted into your brain via mental imagery.

This feels weird.

Have an adsfmovie and begone with you!

March 19, 2012

Cheers to red and greenie!

come with me.


I am green.


Green. The colour of green traffic lights, green jelly, green chairs, green T-shirts, and green.

Glorious, radiant, exciting, edgy, neat. Green.

I am green. I went green on Friday night. Greener than moss, greener than grass, greener than green. Greener than #00FF00.


Verdant. Luciously verdant. Supremely, lusciously verdant.

Emerald. Jade. Seafoam. Forest. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

I am green.

But enough about green. Let me talk about green. Green.

Green is good.

March 12, 2012

You don't need cheese! You're a cat!

return to the origin.


It has come to my attention that my attention is needed elsewhere. So I'm bringing to your attention the fact that your attention is required right here, for the next half hour or until the world comes to an end, whichever comes first.

PART A - Premier
So, first things first. My hair is going green, and soon. There's a link in the previous post, if you wish to donate moneys and awesomes. It's all for leukæmia research.

PART B - Deuxième
Thanks largely to MP, AMc, the other AMc, WG and CL, I was shoved into a taxi and taken to Brunswick St. Thank you all so much, I had a great time. It was a much better time than I would have had otherwise, namely yelling "ZAP ZAP" at my computer until it exploded from fright. Five people, one night. I enjoyed it.

PART C - Troisième
Don't you just hate it when you're sitting in a lecture?

PART D - Quatrième
Once there was a guy. His name was unimportant. One day, this guy was walking down the street, when suddenly someone yelled out to him "Hey, unimportant! You're looking good today!"

PART E - Cinquième
It is currently 26 degrees. Which means that if the temperature increases 11 degrees, it'll be roughly a hundred. If it increases 31 degrees, it'll be a world record. And if it increases 334 degrees, we'll come full circle. (Also, 334 happens to be the most awesome score of the most awesome batsman to ever have played the most awesome game of cricket. BRADMAN.) Finally, if it decreases 26 degrees, it'll be pretty damned cold. I shall give you the cold shoulder if that ever happens.

PART F - Sixième

PART G - Septième
Actually, hell with this part. I don't like the letter G.

PART H - still Septième
See-mon is sitting next to me, largely oblivious that I'm even writing this trash. He has Partners In Time which is a hella sweet game. I have Boom Street and Mario Party 9. I think I win. Just.

PART I - Huitième
01111111 10101110 01010000 00000011

PART J - Neuvième
I'm SUPPOSED to be having a good time over here!

March 7, 2012

Becuase there's nothing else to do.

come and join me.



A tablet in the hands of a CJ during a particularly annoying lecture can be a very dangerous thing indeed... Have some pancakes.

For those who aren't aware, I'm getting my hair dyed. It's the first time I've ever done so, pretty much because Curryland law forbade it for some time. Now I've gone all "fuck the establishment" and decided to get it done. If you wish to donate money to this worthy cause (that is, the Leukæmia Foundation), you have two options. Click here and follow the on-screen OST instructions, or stuff the money into an envelope 2" by 3" by 18", throw it on the back of a cruiser or aircraft carrier (but not a battleship), pray to the nearest albatross that the money makes it, then go home and bury your head in soft sand for three months.

I owe you NOTHING. NOTHING, d'you understand???

...a park bench is sitting outside the new wing of the owl on the run from the hundred metre sprint and towards the red ute near the pink martyr reading about reliability metrics and eigenvectors for the Big Day Out in 2073.8 which doesn't surprise me in the least, because park benches like sitting.

mooooooooooooooooooovie -- Clarabell the Cow


don't take my life away

I do not. I DO NOT. Tolerate. Lack of. Tolerance. Please tolerate me.

People have often asked me if I have any useful advice for them. My best advice is: break the rules. And in honour of that sentence: FEEEEËEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEÊEEEEEEEEEEP

I am going through a Car Stereo Wars phase. Their smooth music has broken me, but it'll come to nothing.


Please tell me you're feeling evil too?

Here's a serious topic. I am constantly annoyed by the recent outbreak of classes that seem to occur in and around institutions of learning. Class interferes with the important stuff in life, such as living. It's also apparently cause for teasing - since I myself have come down with a mild case of classes (namely 14 hours per week) I have been teasingly told I am an arts student. Well, that's correct, if you want to call a spade a wooden pole with a bit of metal at the end. Ooh, metal and wood. There's also a bit of knowledge in there. Throw in some food, wealth, and oil, and we have the basis for Rise Of Nations. Oh, excuse me, sorry. I was daydreaming. Now where was I? Ah, yes... adventuring.

I'm going to therapy tonight. It's been a long time coming.


March 3, 2012

We are the 58% who forgot who the 99% are.

entre dos aguas.


I apologise for lack of posting. This lack of posting has been largely attributed to a sudden influx of drama. Neighbours, The Bold And The Beautiful, Coronation Street... seriously. To make up for it, I have three guests. Across from me is the Kitty, complaining about typos and "atrocious spelling and grammar". She's right - the writting she's reading is awesomely bad. At my 10 o'clock is "Fuck You", named such because she is lazy and can't decide on a name. She's currently reading out a Facebook status involving penis and vagina. To my immediate left is Limitless One, who is passively listening to us and laughing deeply inside. So, now, on with the blog.

Blarg. Pipe cleaners.

Double helixes are too much fun to be ignored. DNA cannot be ignored as it is tiny and within every cell in our body. DNA is also in science fiction but I don't know if it's in science friction. Friction is science. Sweet.


And now I shall mash on the keyboard of my brand new tablet and see what turns up:

And now I shall do it again:

There's a half-eaten bottle of water in front of me.

"I say I say, you look as if you're running for your life!"
"I'm going to the doctor's, I don't like the look of my wife."
"I say, now, there's a notion, it does sound rather fine,
I think I'll go there with you, I can't stand the sight of yours either. Seriously, she looks sick."

"Fuck You" just gave us a personality test. She asked us to imagine a horse and describe it in three words. Limitless One imagined a unicorn. Apparently the horse represents what we'd like to see in a partner. The Kitty suggested that Limitless One's partner is "white, mythical and horny". Winner!

And finally, to *properly* celebrate my winning this awesome tablet, here's some more keyboard mashing:
Drisosjdghskedgndmsosjshewdihfkmdcnvodiwgijdfwimdbfjchtwkmbvsijbfjhbdwknbiywljwheknfldkdwjljhidc jchjwboudwjgeijb

Infinite monkeys, infinite typewriters...
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