October 30, 2011

The undead sickness?

THE CJ CURRY EXPERIENCE: EPISODE (((Math.pi * 10) % 10) * 100) + ((Math.pi * 10000) % 100)






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October 24, 2011

Soundlabs, trains, and a barbeque.


Ahoy. And un-ahoy.

You should meet the people who figure most in my life in the moment. First, there is me. Say hi to him! He is a 6'3", 165lb civilian, interested in cricket, mathematics, computers, video games, and helps his landlady carry out her garbag-- wait. Wrong movie.

Next, there is Figs. Say hi to him! He is an expert at killing zombies, as well as not giving a flying fuck about certain things. (Not a bad thing.) He (presumably) enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, as well as Jäger bombs and Heinekens (although he thankfully leaves his collar un-popped).

Next, there is Tisiphone. Say hi to her! She likes anything that is fluffy, and consequently, is in training to be a vet. She is also in training to be a crazy cat lady, which kinda makes sense as she will save a fortune on vet bills.

Next, there is the Battyman. Say hi to him! His quick wit and sarcasm, as well as his checkout chick abilities, make him an ideal candidate for Awesome Of The Month. He's also studying robots, to find out what makes their clockwork tick. (Oh, I crack myself up.)

Next, there is the soundlab. Say hi to... er... it! OK, it's not a person. But it's run by a person. And I appreciate it every Sunday night slash Monday morning. Much respect for the soundlabs.

Next, there is the IT Crowd. Say hi to them! Computer scientist, games specialist, electronic engineer, information systems person, and lunatic. Also expanding to include another electronic engineer and another information systems person, and (honourably) a civil engineer.

Next, there is Yatesy. Say hi to her! She specialises in medieval weapons of all kinds, essays, and annoying me. I also found out lately that she's not great at pillow fights. But she's cool. Damned cool.

Next, there is a small lump of green putty I found under my armpit one morning. Say hi to it!

Next, there is a bunch of songs I use to cope with everyday time. Say hi to them! I post them here.

Next are all the rest of the Chisholmites. Say hi to them! They make me and my life awesome and well worth having fun with. I enjoy it.

Finally, there is me. Say hi to him!

October 15, 2011

Collapse with me. Or else.


Blogging from a super special secret silent sharky spooky small location today-morrow. It's in Curryland, that's all you need to know. And bearing that in mind, it's time to begin the Experience.

Has anyone noticed me walking around Curryland randomly chiming up with the word "neeeeen!", spoken in a high-pitched voice and with a huge grin on my face? Sometimes accompanied by a little jump? ...Neither have I. It's what happens when you combine sleep deprivation with adrenaline with CJ being in a happy mood and it happens often then I crash back to Earth really hard. Don't mess with me.

Like most of you, I like music. And I've decided that I'm going to discuss (briefly) some music addictions by playing them randomly from my best playlist.
  • Knights - Crystal Castles (what the fuck is he saying?)
  • I Wanna See You - The Aston Shuffle (because I spend my time in clubs too)
  • Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders (way overdue for a mention in this blog)
  • Crimewave - Crystal Castles (what the FUCK is he saying?)
  • Boom - Lo-Fi-Fnk (I have a thing for Scandinavian music)
  • The Truth - Pnau (puh-nyow!)
  • Midnight City - M83 (bringing together my favourite three elements: night, city, cheese)
  • Lights On - Katy B ft. Miss Dynamite (she's ridiculously cute in the video. Too-big jumpers FTW)
  • We Run The Nite - Tonite Only (oh yeah)
  • Anam√¶monesia - Chairlift (fucking awesome song)
  • Xxzxcuzxx Me - Crystal Castles (WHAT the FUCK is she SAYING?)
  • Ain't Waiting - Talib Kweli ft. Outasight (your face when)
  • Lisztomania - Phoenix (because I love phoenixes)
  • Eyes Be Closed - Washed Out (truly beautiful. Truly, truly beautiful)
  • Celestica - Crystal Castles (WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE... wait. This is a nice song)
I hear a distinct lack of aeroplanes, bicycles and cheese. This is a problem.

I am about to play my first cricket match for seven months. Last time I did this, I scored 54 runs not out and promptly came down with a migraine. I also met some people yesterdayish who like the crickets. And I, by extension, like them. But hear this: DO NOT SUPPORT ENGLAND OVER AUSTRALIA. Support anyone else over Australia, but WE MUST RECLAIM THE ASHES, YA HEAR?!? (you reading this, Fi?)

Also, bye bye! See you next post. Ish. Neeeen!

October 8, 2011

Smile grotesquely the day after tomorrow.

THE CJ CURRY EXPERIENCE: EPISODE 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 14, 16, 28, 56, 112

Curryland is beautiful at this time of year. Why not try a holiday?

...ahem. I've done some pretty stupid things: I've thrown my hat into the ring twice in a row and won; I've gone running and jumping a hundred times, just for the sake of it; I've put myself under so much pressure that I almost collapsed under its weight. Now, I'm doing something even stupider: blogging on an empty stomach and sleep deprivation.


I'm sitting on a chair. Next to me is an owl. Next to the owl is an amazingly amazing awesome. You want to tell me what an awesome is? It's similar to an epic. It's also similar to a win and a win is a win is a win is a win. Wiiiiiiiiin. Because there's no dog there. Ooooooooh.

Do you see an aeroplane because I don't see an aeroplane all I see is the sound of an aeroplane and the noise of a bicycle and... squeeeeeeeeeek. What the hell is that squeek? Joyful. And the ratatouille! Oh, the ratatouille! Del dot icio dot us. Ish. Have fun with that. A ha.

Want pie now. You got pie?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand let's have a little bit of fun and call it a slap on the arse cheeks because who doesn't like that stuff. Not me! I loves a bit of funzies. Because it's worth the fun and it's worth the effort and it's worth the extra time blogging and stuff and... yay.

I'm gonna say that you're an idiot. And you're not gonna care, because you're not reading this. And I'm in the middle of the Curryland offices without a care in the world. Maybe a care or two. But not in the world. Worlds win.


And yoy again. Yahoo!

October 3, 2011

Are you sitting comfortably? No? That sucks.


This is the AFL final version of the experiment Carrie CJ.

And using the RSS reader I / my computer on another version of the direct experience of the unit, read the screen / paper / my hell, and I'm proud to present. Yes, it is very loose. I'm not from hell, and you can convert back to non-English language, do it, you very well, leading to surprising your life miserable and sad. At least I go every time, please. Today, we see a lot of people.

Down, but very important work. I have three projects. UNI has more than three weeks, and my career. Of the month 1 and 3 months my, please continue. Because it needs to do, go all out. Began on the project. The second is at an end. Third, jumping between the full and complete.

Anyway. I just, I see that you can see, there are a lot of time, the Federal Reserve through an interpreter, they - I think your glory, all the people, favorite quote, I want to join.

First, a description of his death.

"Death is an illusion. Dead is dead, he always always always live, if you do not mean that death is all you have."

Then, a description of the sport.

"No, no code, and can be accessed by everyone, and promise for everyone."

Finally, my guess.

"Understanding of the magic of traditional rights. Phoenix is ​​still alive. "

I have in my office: clip, remote control, video camera, and covers chocolate, two, controllers for video game consoles, USB flash disks, achievements, and a list of some albums. Of course, my computer junk. Desktop on a regular basis, but the pair around the clock, binary clock, and the elements of weather clock, calendar. Many of the fans? If you share these details, I have a little more of everything to hell.

I need to sleep. Chief Justice, sleeplessness, do not get along. Extends from the last few weeks were bad, especially when I think. Way of life, and I'm not, I'm obviously not working. But I think he chose. I can not live alone in shame. I think.

Possible. Therefore, the chapter ends! Please enjoy the future ... Now!
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