August 26, 2009

In case you still can't get enough...

I gotsta love this weather. Wet, windy, woolly. That's right, we're in New Zealand now.

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. With more New Zealand, English cricketer, and Canberra jokes than the next leading psychopathic blogger, you'd be crazy to miss it. RSS me!

We lost the Ashes and we lost the Bledisloe, so feel free to jump in with your jokes. They will be well-received. Besides, I have an arsenal of jokes handy. And speaking of Arsenal, is that where the English cricket team got their players from? Oh, no, wait. The Arsenal players know how to use their feet.


Well, so C++ is not my bitch yet. But:

#include <iostream>
int main()
std::cout << "Hello world!" << endl;
int pin;
std::cout << "Please enter the PIN number for your bankcard here: ";
std::cin >> pin;
std::cout << "Cheers!" << endl;
return 0;

And that shall do me for the moment. Man, I can cough like billy-o. And I can choke as bad as an English cricketer at the crease. CHOKE!

Talking of cricket, I'm out of action! Shed a tear!


Dum da dum, doi doi doi...

Let me show you my Mudkipz, because all your base are belong to me over 9,000 times. Epic win. Meme!

Is it just me, or do people like to argue? My hobby: trolling YouTube. Other people like trolling 4chan or something like that, but I just troll YouTube. You get some seriously funny replies every so often.

I have playing cards.

And finally, here is a word of my own compsoing: Pillether. It's got a ring to it.

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CJ Curry Tiësto
The Blog Gary Brolsma
CJ's Computer Deep Thought
C++ Python
Cricket Jiminy Cricket
Lighting James Watt
Choreography William Hung
Music William Hung
Director ???
Special Thanks Andrew Flintoff
Producer RSS

August 21, 2009

Time for a quick interruption.

man so much of my music is bringing back so many memories i mean HELL i have a lot of music and a lot of memories

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. Better than money, better than food, better than power, better than sex, better than \b\.

In order to comply with Internet blogging standards, I am writing this episode of the experience naked.


News: all my friends are fuckups. Some of my friends are turning 21. None of my friends are named Aloysius.

News: I have had a very long, hard day, and a very long, hard week. (And a very long, hard something else.)

News: The world is doomed, and we're to blame. Climate change, global economic crisis, Microsoft Windows, you name it.

News: There's been some more bombings in Baghdad, Iraq. My my, everyone's so buggy these days...

News: Tower 2 won the tower parties. Damn.

News: I just opened a bottle of Agrum. Delicious stuff.

Sport: The Poms need to win. They're not going the right way about it. The Aussies can afford to draw. They're not going the right way about that either.

Sport: I won my squash match tonight and I am wrecked.

Weather: Dark.

News: A man's life got took away in the city today... erm... no. No more.

I need bickies. But I don't have any. That's a bugger. I also need a bed but my blog has a slightly higher priority. So does Tetris. And cats.

I still believe there is a fundamental truth... Bye.

Credits (listed in order of appearance)

CJ Curry Shane Warne
The Blog Randall Monroe
CJ's Computer Garfield
News A Compass We Found In The Dumpster
Sport Gary Glitter
Weather Zeus
Agrum Sueño
Electrician Nikola Tesla
Idealism Crushed By Humanity
Director's Cut By A Razor Blade
Catering Mars Bars
Special Thanks Simon Katich
Producer Pamela Anderson

August 18, 2009

Comment Moderation my arse...

Ooh, I can see a red garbage bin outside!

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. You experience me.



I want to set a cookie. I want to eat a cookie. I want to be a cookie. I have done two out of those three. COOKIE!

Anywhom, time to rant now. I ordered a leopard cleaning kit three weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. What is it with the postal service these days? How hard is it to send a simple leopard cleaning kit? Hell, my portable elephant polishing brush didn't take this long. Stab them!

On that note, does anyone here like food?

Sadly, I have been reviewed. Here are some scraps of people's reviews:'s mindless pap. Kate H
I wouldn't touch that... with a ten foot pole. Isaac Y
CJ Curry is the worst blogger in the history of blogging. Go home, CJ. Fred T
I'm not going to eat that. Leonard B

Would those who still wish to review me please send me your review in the normal way: write it down in 500 words or less, pull down your trousers, wipe your arse with it, and throw it in the garbage. I will receive it in ten days' time.

And now.


I shall show you all the most frequently axed questions.

WHO DO YOU WRITE A BLOG?: OK, shut up now.
WHICH DO YOU WRITE A BLOG?: Enough! No more!
WHY DO YOU WRITE A BLOG?: I like fucking with people's minds.

It is now nearly 7PM. 7PM is normally a number, followed by two letters. And I like to quote time as being four numbers, a colon, and a letter. Or even better, drop the letter. But I like letters. They make me feel special. REAL special. Hee!

One more ef ay kew. Why do you write "Hee!" occasionally?: It's just what I do.

I know. I know. A blog is supposed to be about expressing your inner thoughts., or talking about your day. But I can't. Complain if you want, but I think talking about your day is as bad as humping a walrus. Nobody cares about your day. Except people who stalk FML.

Now. As I say: run.

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CJ Curry Bugs Bunny
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CJ's Computer Paris Hilton
Red Garbage Bin Microsoft Windows
Green Garbage Bin Microsoft Windows
Yellow Garbage Bin Microsoft Windows
Blue Garbage Bin Microsoft Windows
CJ's Attitude This Guy
Pictures deviantART
Music Les Paul
CJ's Drugs Provided By Rita & Lin, The Hyper Twins
Special Thanks Compact Discs
Producer Him Over There

on the other hand, i might have a summer job this year...

August 14, 2009

I declare blag!

Oh noes. I is coming down with a cold. Perhaps it is a piggy flu? Bah, I'm not that lucky.

Welcome back to teh CJ Curry Experience. Guaranteed to piss you off at least once, perhaps twice, and to always, always return for a third shot. But not to piss you off. To seriously offend you.

We all love sax, don't we? I been loving teh sax. Acid jazz is my hero and my idol. Help support acid jazz by buying a frog from your local auto mechanic.


Back To Mine is a series of music compilations. Teh music is mixed by guys or girls or bands who are usually famous or semi famous on teh EDM scene. Teh selection of music is music that teh mixers would listen to after a night on teh town. I likes it. I even have my own little Back To Mine playlist. I should mix it. Maybe. But I could get arrested. Copyright violations and junk. Maybe. I don't give a crap about my own copyrights, but I respect teh copyrights of others. Hee!
  1. Air Traffic (ATC Chill Mix) - Three Drives (smooth. subtle. instrumental. sleepy music.)
  2. Ants And Feet - Felix Laband (more feet than ants. and more windy flagpole than ants.)
  3. Bbydhyonchord - Aphex Twin (this guy likes him some lucid dreams. i must try them again.)
  4. Blackpool Roll - Mr. Scruff (this stuff is far too fun to be taken seriously. i like.)
  5. Broken - Car Stereo Wars (indie music rocks my coccyx.)
  6. Cat On Teh Fence - Felix Laband (garfield could take some lessons from this guy.)
  7. Cobrastyle - Robyn (surprised that a song by robyn made it here? well, have a listen, you'll see what i mean.)
  8. Come - Lemon Jelly (lemon jelly and mr. scruff are both fun. i like lemon jelly. listen to their new album. it sounds nothing like their old albums.)
  9. D-Hell - Remote_ (also sleepy music. i remember falling asleep to this, then waking up, and denying i fell asleep. i got lulz.)
  10. Drei Auf Drei - Sascha Funke (german minimalism. w00t yeah.)
  11. Everybody's Talking - Harry Nilsson (those who have lost respect for me, leave now.)
  12. Feeling Oblivion - Turin Brakes (this is teh song i want played at my funeral. i likes it too much to not be played at my funeral.
  13. Hello There (Presets Remix) - Cagedbaby (despite teh presets getting their hands on this, it's a nice laidback tune.)
  14. I Melt With You - Nouvelle Vague (oo. cover band.)
  15. IZ-US - Aphex Twin (yes. him again.)
  16. Kelly Watch Teh Stars - Air (second-most-listened-to tune in my library. over 5,600 songs, and i've heard this one 64 times.)
  17. Kinetic (Orbital Remix) - Golden Girls (look. it's instrumental. teh song reminds me of mell born. deal with.)
  18. Letting The Cables Sleep (Teh N.O.W. Remix) - Bush (much more café del mar than its original.)
  19. Love Forgotten - A Man Called Adam (no. the band is not one man.)
  20. On - Aphex Twin (he makes ambient music. if you hadn't noticed, teh majority of my playlist here is ambient...)
  21. Radio Right Now - Felix Laband (yep, him again. i get a neat little mental image whenever i hear this one.)
  22. So Long - Mr. Scruff (so long is right. nice for a melbourne night.)
  23. Still Light - Teh Knife (this probably doesn't belong here any more. but, oh well, what can you do?)
  24. Sunday - Moby (this is probably not teh 'sunday' you're thinking of. it is a b-side, and it is instrumental. and it has 78 plays.)
  25. Take Teh Sun Away - F.R.I.S.K. (acid jazz...)
  26. Taste Of Funk - Mateo & Matos (acid jazzier... well, really, it's more acidic than jazzy.)
  27. Tricycle - Psapp (toys! i still can't get over teh fact that these guys use toys!)
  28. We Share Our Mothers' Health (Ratatat Remix) - Teh Knife (if you'd heard teh original, you'd know why i have this version...
  29. What's Teh Matter? - Yppah (my newest discovery! i found him when i watched rage late one friday night. well, early one saturday morning.)
  30. Zero Zero - Internal Sync (one of only three house tracks. god this one is good.)
  31. 4 - Aphex Twin (ok, fine, i have an aphex twin fetish. judge me not, freaks.
  32. Also Sprach Zara-- waitaminute...
And, bye now. See you next time I get teh balls to post another bleg.

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CJ Curry James Bond
The Blog Google
CJ's Computer HAL
Music Many Many Talented Souls
Choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov
Font By HTML Labs Inc.
Pain Relief Provider Panadol
Script Tim Brooke-Taylor's Pen
Special Thanks Dance Music Collective
Producer Linus Torvalds

August 8, 2009

Prepare to be sieged.

Guess what?

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. That's right, I'm back. Deal with it.

Give a cheer! After two months, I'm back and blogging. I predict that about half of my reader(s) will be cringing and the other half will be just about to shoot themselves in the foot. Or higher. But I'm back, and there isn't anything you lot can do about it. Welcome to Season 2!


And thus we begin.

First: a summary of the last two months: Aeroplane! Bicycle! Car! Dromedary! (Camels are transport too, idiots.) Strawberries and cream, antidifferentiation, hello world, cat5 and deadmau5, Lunchbox, M&L, and the Met.

And now a summary of the next two months: Aeroplane! Bicycle! Ca... I mean...

Which is better: System.out.println() or cout<< ?

I pwn j00.

Now that we have that little unpleasantness out of the way, it's time to try being even more stupid. Sunday! Elephant! Spastic folders! Cosplayers! Chilli con carne! Keys!

Welcome to my life. Again. For those who missed out, here is a quick summary of me (if you miss this post, don't worry, you can find the same information on any packet of RedHeads matches after tranimssion.)

Name: Curry Man

Birthday: Few and far between
Country: No, city.
Occupation: Uni student, blogger, and professional stalker
Course: Entrée
Countries Visited: Elbonia and Biddleonia
Special Talent: Procrastination, overestimation, lethargy, egotism, puns (and maths and computer science, but those are just sidelines)
Age: A thousand and one, plus four and twenty
Shoe Size: 12 1/2
Hat Size: One million
Has Visited St. Kilda: Occasionally
Has Really Visited St. Kilda: Barely

So, for all those people who are new to the Experience, that's me in a nutshell. Well, two nutshells. But only peanut shells. I don't like other nuts. Just peanuts.

And for those who don't like me: just remember that I vote.

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CJ Curry Hugh Hefner
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CJ's Computer Deep Blue
The Peanuts Charlie Brown
Aeroplane Budgie The Little Helicopter
Sound Technicians Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Electrician Benjamin Franklin
Best Boy Me
Special Thanks Hallmark
Producer Stephen Hawking
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