April 25, 2011

Land of the great known.

the 93rd experience has begun...


This is a special report from special reporter CJ Curry, your Tasmanian correspondent. In Tasmania. I've been sent to investigate the serious allegation that Tasmania is not, in fact, part of Australia, but a different country. Here's what I've uncovered.

For those who don't know, Tasmania is an island off the south coast of Australia. It was founded by the Dutch, called Van Diemen's Land for a while, then largely ignored until it became a penal colony. It's still largely ignored, mostly by under-zealous mapmakers and globe manufacturers.

I've been invited here by someone largely acknowledged as the most interesting mistake I ever made. So I'm spending six days here, from today until Saturday. I shall report my findings fully next weekend. It's for this reason (and for reasons of wood) that I haven't written a blog in ten days. But the wood is mostly harmless.

I haven't been drunk yet. I have been driven mad. I've travelled along the West Tamar and the East Tamar and the Midlands and I can't tell the difference. I'm also astounded at the small amount of heads on each Tasmanian resident.

What's Tasmania like? Compared to Victoria, it's greener, smaller, hillier, and with less aeroplanes. But it's beautiful, so far.

I'm about to be whisked off my feet again, probably to scoot off somewhere else in Tassie. Relax, have some pancakes, and I'll be back soon to report on my findinHURK

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April 15, 2011

My finest dream?

the 92nd experience has begun...


So here's the semi-infamous Thirty Day Song Challenge, all done within one hour. With my comments, and compliments.
  1. Your favourite song: Coma Cat - Tensnake
    Coma Cat is most definitely a summer song. I love summer. And I love summer songs. So I naturally love Coma Cat. It also brings to mind visions of Wii Sports Resort, oddly enough.
  2. Your least favourite song: Mister Brightside - The Killers
    Don't go there.
  3. A song that makes you happy: Every Day, Every Moment, Every Time - Agnelli & Nelson
    It's been making me happy since New Year's Eve 2007. Had it stuck in my head as I scooted off to my mate's place for my first "proper" New Year's party.
  4. A song that makes you sad: Sacrifice (Pocket 808 version) - Rainbows Of Death
    Never fails. Ever since late last year, when I first heard it on a rainy night. A rainy Melbourne night, come to that. Beautiful song.
  5. A song that reminds you of someone: Shooting Stars - Bag Raiders ft. Rhys
    It's kinda hard to forget.
  6. A song that reminds you of somewhere: Alone - Tennishero ft. Chelonis R. Jones
    Love it. Reminds me of Coffin Bay. Went there on a trip in early 2007 and pretty much had a really nice time.
  7. A song that reminds you of a certain event: She Says (Wahoo rmx) - Milke
  8. A song that you know all the words to: Paradise - Sam La More
    Coulda gone with a whole bunch, but I went for the one that was the easiest and freshest in my head. I'd like to perform this one, somehow.
  9. A song that you can dance to: I Wanna See You - The Aston Shuffle
    Hell, pretty much ANYTHING by The Aston Shuffle.
  10. A song that makes you fall asleep: En Attendant Cousteau - Jean-Michel Jarre
    If it's soft and 45' long, I'll listen to it until I sleep. Ambient music FTW.
  11. A song from your favourite band: We Fight For Diamonds - Cut Copy
    I doubt they'll be playing it at the concert I'll be attending soon. It's about 1' long and is pretty much filler.
  12. A song from a band you hate: anything by Nickelback
    Seriously. He sounds like a MOOSE.
  13. A song that is a guilty pleasure: American Girls - John B
    There's a few of those. I picked perhaps the most risqué one.
  14. A song that no-one would expect you to like: Bear Witness - Dr. Octagon
    Two reasons. As a friend says, it's "too black" for me; also, it has the line "I create rap music 'cause I never dug disco". Another friend accepted that I do like some decent songs, based on that one song.
  15. A song that describes you: I Am Not A Robot - Marina And The Diamonds
    Also could be Animal by Miike Snow. But this'll do nicely. It's a more accurate description, save one line.
  16. A song that you used to love but now hate: Don't Hold Back - The Potbelleez
    This song and I have had an awkward relationship: I hated it, then loved it, now hate again. I hated it because it was everywhere. I loved it because it was played at the most important time. Now I hate it because... it's everywhere.
  17. A song you hear often on the radio: The Face Of The Planet - The Subs
    An amazing song, too.
  18. A song you wish you heard on the radio: Crave You - Flight Facilities ft. Giselle
    It used to be on a whole bunch. And I really enjoyed it. Now, it's kinda faded into the background a little.
  19. A song from your favourite album: Arpeggio - Jackson And His Computer Band
    From Destroy. It's a song that sends me to my place, believe it or not.
  20. A song you listen to when you're angry: Wobble (Stumped Up rmx) - Aphrodite
    As you do. DnB is very useful for anger. Makes me calmer (believe it or not) - probably because of the hypnotic beat.
  21. A song you listen to when you're happy: Burial - Miike Snow
    Burial = spring 2009. Spring 2009 memories = happy CJ.
  22. A song you listen to when you're sad: Love On A Real Train - Tangerine Dream
    Works well with this. Trust me. And never trust anyone who says "trust me".
  23. A song you want to play at your wedding: Stereo Love - Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina
    I never really had much of an answer for this song. But this'll do - it seems appropriate.
  24. A song you want to play at your funeral: Feeling Oblivion - Turin Brakes
    Not that I'll be there to appreciate it.
  25. A song that makes you laugh: Fix Your Accent - Fake Blood
    Every time. Every single time.
  26. A song that you can play on an instrument: Cavatina - John Williams
    I can play this one on the piano. It's supposed to be a guitar song (I hear) but I'm happy with a piano.
  27. A song that you wish you could play: The Truth (High Highs rmx) - Pnau
    It seems easy enough. Now I need to play it by ear. Seems like it's only a handful of chords.
  28. A song that makes you feel guilty: Air Traffic (ATC Chill mix) - Three Drives (On A Vinyl)
    I don't know whether their full name is Three Drives or Three Drives On A Vinyl. I'll go with the parentheses and leave it at that.
  29. A song from your childhood: Don't Cry - Human Nature
    Whenever I heard this, late at night, I felt... lonely without being alone. I didn't know what the feeling was back then. I love that feeling now.
  30. Your favourite song this time last year (April 2010): Escape Me - Tiësto ft. C.C. Sheffield
    It's still an awesome song.
And on a final note: try the song Some Polyphony - Petter. You deserve it.

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April 11, 2011

I've been to paradise.

the 91st experience has begun...


Shazam! Today we has a guest writer, who calls herself Fred. And here she is:


I can't write anything for this blog, I'm not weird enough. I'm not a nerd. I don't know many internet memes, and I don't eat pounds of pasta... so if you like this blog you probably won't like me.


Cool story, bro. And now I am about to use an obscene word in this blog, so please stop listening for a moment:


So what's happening in my life? I've transmogrified into a six-ton African bull elephant, stabbed myself in the head with a pair of feathers, eaten a refrigerator whole, talked turkey with a chicken and chickened out of a turkey fight (yeah, I'm a turkey. Fowl joke), and found the meaning of the word "cathartic". I've also scored twenty points in life.

My friend is a cat. Your argument is invalid.

My camera never lies. Wait, what? You didn't know about my camera? Well, sit down. Have a marshmallow. Let me explain. About fourteen years ago, my friends decided they wanted me to look stupid in front of a billboard. As a result, I'm now taking a photo every day. Or something like that.


blü vector?



Cool story bro. And now it's time for me to feed my pet crow. I suggest you all do the same. If you don't have a pet crow, then you either have an itch, or you just lost The Game.

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April 3, 2011

No, you may not have another cookie.

the 90th experience has begun...


So here we are again, in the pits of hell, where the CJ Curry Experience is created. Notice the penguins in the background. They're hand-carved and specially trained. I'm trying hard to think of new content to bring you, but those penguins need feeding. Back soon.

it's pronounced "as-key" dammit
And now, we have a little song entitled "Curry-Boy Is Going To Town".


Done. Did you like it? I'm sure you didn't, but if you did, send all compliments to CJ Curry, in Tall Building, Currytown. We only accept compliments that are at least 4.5" long and can be converted to liquid form by aiming a remote control at them and entering the Konami Code. (I'm serious. We rejected a compliment a few weeks ago that was optimised for gravity wells instead. The nerve!)

Before all that, though, I need to ask you the ultimate theological question - one that has been known to divide continents, among other things - and that question is: Do you believe in sunglasses, or would you rather put your faith in a pair of nice, comfy slippers? Whatever your answer, you're all welcome in the House Of CJ. Please leave your mandatory gold coin donation at the front door.

You're short.

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