August 14, 2011

When will you learn? When will I learn?


Whoa. You startled me. I didn't expect you to return. At all. Erm... I actually have nothing planned, so I'll just make some shit up. OK? OK. Here goes.

"Leave Night-Time Alone"

as the city sleeps
the sky is lit
and time is lost

i sit on the ridge
visions of tomorrow
running through me
consequences of today

life's burdens are forgotten
life's pleasures are here

a walk is in order
through the concrete jungle
into the forest
of lights and music

people are still walking
people are still talking
people are still buying
people are still drinking

i'm alone in the crowd
the lights are for me
and for me only

it feels nicer
than four hours later
enjoy while you can

tomorrow i'll be dead
tonight i'm very alive
don't worry, i'm fine

Inspiration: an evening on Mt Cooper followed by a walk in the city two nights later. And yes, I made it all up on the spot (save the title, and the last line). So on with the random junk.

Tomorrow I have an interview. They get to ask me questions and I get to answer them and I get to waffle on about my life and how much I am going to have so much fun with my life next year. I swear. In fact I'm considering extending my project. Not sure. Don't take me at my exact word (otherwise kittens will die). I, I, I I I I IIIIIIIIIIIIwe are glad that you are following this Experience. And now here is a cat.


And now here is an aeroplane.


And now here is me leaving.


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