May 25, 2012

I wish for winter to be over before it starts.

do the whirlwind.


Let B be a quotient of a topological space (A,S) and let π : A→B denote the natural projection. We say that a subset U ⊆ A is π-saturated if π-1({z}) ⊆ U for all z ∈ π(U). WHAT THE??


I am...



We have here a failure to juxtapose the bright blue chicken with the red hot vulture and we see that the result is a black swan fighting a gold eagle. WE DO NOT LIKE THIS!!!

I am now going to write a sequence of numbers on the screen. Your aim is to guess the rule.

1, φ, 42, e, 3, π, 7, γ, 88, 54, E, 37.

RULE: (for those who gave up)

This is Melbourne. There is no "early" or "late" time for seasons to arrive. The seasons are omnipresent and all they do is take turns every day. And by "day" I of course mean "hour". And by "hour" I of course mean "second". I second my own motion and it passes unanimously: Melbourne has shit weather.

hello there.

Listen, punks. I'm about to go all whoop whoop on your candy-ass Warp 1.9, so shut the fuck up and let me do it because I don't even know what the hell I'm talking about. I am so shit at trash-talking. I'll try recyclable-talking.

Blast. Blast and blast again


...fuck. That last explosion killed my GPU. I'll repair it and see you next week.

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