May 4, 2012

Is it amnesia?

the hell it is.


super world.

I just spent half an hour of my life salivating over video games and CDs. Well, one CD. People actually still use these things, just like they use the fact that life sucks to justify their nihilistic behaviour. And I agree. Life sucks but that doesn't mean we shouldn't have a bit of fun in the process. Like shepherding elephants. I like doing that.

lick drop.

I have set myself ze challenge: twenty-four hour gaming marathon. Games to be played include Super Smash Bros. Brawl, StarCraft II, Unreal Tournament 2004, Mario Kart 7 and I Have No Tomatoes. I have set achievements for myself for 24 different games, and I intend to achieve at least 16 of them. Best of luck to me!

monologue exemplifies.

If someone says "may the fourth be with you" today I will fucking go nuts.

corporate art.

Two weeks until a ball. Not to worry. I've handled balls before. I seem to always be sober when it comes to balls, but it's better than being drunk. Despite the fact, of course, that they're always long and hard and always end up with more people being involved than there should be. In YOUR endo!

so simple.

Tonight, I go to see Orbital. Hopefully they will play stuff from In Sides, but my gods if their new stuff is similar I'm going to be loving that too. Much fun ahoy! Also, tomorrow and Sunday I'm going to be on the go. Thankfully I have no homeworks due. And I shall be using le Swotvac for prac classes for topology and JEZUS UNI IS ANNOYING THIS YEAR.

burning up.

I need some sleep. I'll get some tonight, believe you me.

le bump.

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