July 29, 2012

You can't find me on Steam.

I am CJ Curry. This is the Experience. And you're just dancing on it.


I consider this my swansong semester at college. So I'm going to make it a fun one by making fun of as many people as I can. Including, but not limited to, people I've met recently. And on that note, I need to introduce you lot to the newest weird person in my life. The name is Bek, also known as Mr. Bek. I met Mr. Bek upon entry to the electric monster's world, whereupon I also took on two further concurrent titles: Prime Minister Curry and Strange Uncle Curry. This suits me just fine. Anyhow, Mr. Bek has brought moar crazy into my life. I am OK with this.

Hee! "Strange uncle".

I am hungry. I did eat breakfast, but somehow my metabolism is way too awesome to be ignored. Annoyance. Anonymous. Enormous. I wish to eat further and investigate properties of eating that contain the blasted heath and purple socks with plaid stripes in the morning of the last day of twilight's... ah dammit, I've been hit by a crazy ray again (like a death ray, only crazy). I therefore have only about a dozen words before I break down completely into crazy delusion. Three. Two. One.

meeeeeeeeeep. shwarrr.

Mr. Bek wears a red baseball helmet.

ferp, and doux too. For no reason.

In closing, let me summarise the fact that my sleep-deprived state has again provided me with an awesome insight into the world of insanity, the fact that pretty soon I will be leaving one environment and moving to another (which is no huge secret anyway, I just figured you'd like to know), the fact that I thought that we could have been sharing more than brothers, the fact that the Stabiliser-Orbit Theory is mighty powerful, the fact that I am totally screwed, the fact that my room, kitchen and desk are all absolutely messy, the fact that for once I am ahead on all my homework and study, and the fact that I may be getting another cold (FUCK) all at once by saying just one word: FUCK.


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