November 16, 2012

My gun had no trigger.

I am CJ Curry. This is the Experience. And it's over for another season.


Might I point out that you can find a lot of numbers in my blog posts this semester? Seriously. The more agile-minded people among you will find the following numbers in my posts:
--In post 141, you should find the first few Fibonacci numbers (except 1).
--In post 142, you should find the number 69.
--In post 143, you should find nine instances of the number 3.
--In post 144, you should find a reference to the number 144, and its corresponding unit of measurement.
--In post 147, you should find out why the number 41 appears.
--In post 148, you should find what time 66 days in the future will be.
--In post 150, you should find a 150. Easily.
--In post 153, you should find a long string of numbers and explain what the story is.
--Post 154 is full of numbers and figures.
--In post 156, you should find an NP-complete puzzle and solve it. You should also tell me where my stats come from.

As I approach the final days of college, I've decided to look back on them. Mostly by taking fragments of my memories, photos and old blog posts and piecing them together in what I think and hope is a quasi-coherent and possibly clear retrospective of my college life. For your big fat information, of course. The final entry is from this year and (not) beyond.

2012 was again going to be the Year Of The CJ, though it seems to have turned into anything but. At least, for a while it did. But then it rollercoastered again. After my disappointment in December, of course I felt pretty appalling for a while. Having said that, January was probably one of the better months I had this year. Back to my home town every weekend for cricket, plus being more social it's crazy. I rounded January off with a trip to the cricket, and a trip to Big Day Out. I'd write more about it but I've already pretty much said it all in this article here.

February was mostly a carbon copy of 2011's February. I got trained in the Student Leadership arts again (three times and counting), then unfortunately had another disappointment by again wearing my heart on my sleeve. A little dejected, I turned to my good friend sleep deprivation to get me through the first few days of O Week, and it did so admirably. I pushed through, started getting help, and made a bunch of new friends in the process.

Late Feb and early March I had possibly the biggest mindfuckery ever. Relationship-wise. After a big scrap with a good friend, I found myself unable to settle down until I'd killed a few demons, one of which being the very short-sighted decision to dye my hair green for Leukæmia Day. Once I'd killed that demon, and others, I decided to jump in headfirst, and found myself a new group of people.

For the rest of the semester, nothing much especially good happened (apart from time with my new friends, and Supanova). I was somewhat of an eye-catcher on campus because of the green hair - I even went to a ball with green! - and I was doing fairly well with my assessments, but other than that there's not much else to say. The end of May is when it all started going appallingly - I went through another crisis (though this one was less traumatic), I nearly lost my job, and I started hitting the booze. Not alcoholic levels, mind - just enough to cause me to stop and think. Masterchef and the ball both saw me through to the end of the semester quite fine.

June exams were dealt with as best I could, given the circumstances. That said, in late June I jumped in to things headfirst - again - and in retrospect it probably wasn't the smartest choice. As such, most of my July holidays were spent doing exactly that - jumping in headfirst. Again, not the smartest choice. In August, the workload increased as I started to prepare for Extra Life, the college play, and Open Day. It ended up becoming a case of "tackle them one at a time", so I did, killing another demon in the process.

The college play was a blast, despite the fact that I was just tech. Open Day was fun, despite the fact that I spent six hours on my feet and had an atrocious week thereafter. Extra Life was really bloody amazing, and I am so glad I did it. In fact, I'd do the whole thing again in a heartbeat. I also discovered Slender Man, and have dressed up as him three times. The second time, I got the Hollywood treatment (at the Zombie Shuffle); the third time, I won an award.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and so did semester two of 2012. Exams are now over, and I think I did reasonably OK. So, huge thanks again to the following folk for making this a fun year: Paolo, Anna, Lucas, Tom (both of you), Ben, Natt, Kez, Katie, Fin, Jordan, Kat (both of you), Lucy, Kimberly, Megan (and Meagan), Miranda, Trickey, "Switzerland" (i.e. Chris), "Sweden" (i.e. Martin), Chantal, Liz, Rhys, Ali, Emily, Steven, Nicole, Brad, Sam, Neigh, Purcey, Trez, Chelsea, Campbell, George (both of you), Stacey, Laura (both of you), Jo, Lucy, Liam, Ellen, Jenny (both of you), Stuart, Fi, Lee, April, Hubert, Wayne, Sophie, Krish, Nadia, Alice, Caity, Tabin, Matt, Mike, Alex (three of you), Leslie, Nick, Dan, Sam, Jen, Miles, Darren, Kylie, Jenn, Millie, Kitty, Anika, Diana, Leisa, Tiff, Bill, Ryan, Jasmin, Si-Eun, Parker, Ed, Bathie, Mackie, Marthe, the other CJ, Will, Charlotte, Maddy, Minette, Michelle, and about three others I can't write down here for one reason or another.

Goodbye, college. I will miss you.

Also: I have a new house! Time to look forward to blogging adventures in Season Nine!


Go fly a kite, and be happy.


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No Capes!

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