February 7, 2013

Never acid again.

"Bring that fork over here, would you, lads? Thank you."

I suppose I'd better get this shit underway again.

Hi, I'm CJ Curry. I live in Curryland, a small confederate democratic empire off the coast of Australia. Blogger, gamer, athlete, and professional cynic. Student, nerd, smarmosaur, and perpetual fifth wheel. Electronic music aficionado, nightstalker, elite Nerf sniper, and perfect exceeder. Man of many words and few brain cells, with an attitude to match and a QWERTY board to prove it.

Loves: numbers, cricket, owls, cyberpunk, nightwalks, EDM, science fiction that doesn't take itself too seriously, video games, Kitsuné and Kompakt, cities, pasta, geocaching, Jewel Staite, being agile, card and board games, Borderlands, writing programs and such that are only useful to myself. (Oh yeah, and I love my family and friends too.)

Hates: stabby things, seafood, Aussie Rules football, driving, my home town, people who try to censor the Internet, being sick or injured, winter, long walks on the beach at sunset (they absolutely MUST be deep at night).

You're back here because I made you come back with my psychokinetic powers of psychokinesis. All glory to me, and long live my cricket bat! Also, you want to make me a cake. In return I shall make with the rainbow jelleh. I swear, it tastes like realTM rainbows.

Punch sound.

Folks who know me know the blog is now into its ninth season. By now, more than likely Fox woulda cancelled me. But I ain't with Fox, I'm with Curryland Enterprises. We do well. I almost didn't get renewed years ago, but Curryland decided they liked me too much. And this year I have a new desk. LONG LIVE MY CRICKET BAT!

palmistry and foxhounds

Meet the real me! This one time only offer is coming to you via satellite on August 25th of this year. Be sure and put your name down fast, because seats (and cookies) are strictly limited. Bah. Just get the hell in. We are limiting seats to one, and cookies to seven.

I will take on your challenge.

am i the only person who was actively shipping claire and marten from the time they got to the lakehouse?


apanickahh said...

I always thought they would be cute but wasn't really shipping them I am way to invested in MarigoldxDale to really ship anyone else.

CJ Curry said...

But Marigold x Dale is a foregone conclusion. Hell, I'd date Dale simply for his Gendo Ikari impersonation. (See strip #1693.)

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