August 13, 2013

Exploding piss eggs at midnight.


I'll start with a little advert: this.

I'll continue with a little song: ♫

So, for starters, the numbers have grown and my "situation" has worsened to the point where I can't face it any more, so I'm not going to talk about either of those. Instead, have a kitty!

    _                ___       _.--.
    \`.|\..----...-'`   `-._.-'_.-'`
    /  ' `         ,       __.--'
    )/' _/     \   `-_,   /
    `-'" `"\_  ,_.-;_.-\_ ',     
        _.-'_./   {_.'   ; /
       {_.-``-'         {_/

(not my copyright. but then again, a lot of my stuff either isn't my copyright or I've parodied in some form or another. or it's CC-BY. or... actually FUCK IT because I have basically no OC any more. ...I'll just move over here and pretend that you never saw me.)

each one of my owls is staring at me
but everyone is fond of owls
except for mice and shrews
and I think Simon Cowell likes owls too

The first worst durst part of being a student is the fact that I get ripped on by adults. But I guess that's OK because I WEAR A DAMN HOODIE. Also I have feet. Did I ever tell you about my feet? My feet that had a big victory last night? No? Damn. Oh well. I had a big victory last night. And my feet were 44.8241743% responsible. But my arms also did some work. So too did my head, and a fraction of a percentage of my spleen as well.


I'd FIRE MAH LAZER except I don't have a lazer. How anticlimactically fun.

I am still finding blue hair being tracked around my house! What the hell is this?! My blue hair disappeared when the magical mathematical dæmons wished it all away. BUT THERE IS STILL BLÜ KICKING AROUND. And I've forgotten what my point was because my train of thought derailed.

And it's continuing to derail and has in fact ploughed into a mountainside. I'm going to stop imagining this train now. Remember kids, imaginary trains carry no passengers! See you around.

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