November 8, 2009

And the winner is...


Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. HTMLified for your pleasure and - perhaps - enjoyment.

Whew. It's been a hectic few days. Srsly, I haven't slept much in the last 48 hours. And now I'm blogging on adrenaline and chocolate.


Come join me on a trip back to last Thursday.
  • Last bar night of the year
  • Last class of the year
  • LAN party without an actual LAN
  • After the math of the LAN party
  • Avicii rocked my socks
  • Travelling in order to get free meals
  • Catching up with my S.O.
  • Travelling away from free meals
  • Travelling again to a 21st
  • After the math of the 21st, plus cricket
  • Here and now.
And on the way, I also realised that bandannas work pretty well on my wrist.

And now I need moar food. But I CBF'd getting up. Help?

Oh. Yawn, too, by the way. Yawning saves lives. GIVES YOU STRENGTH!

I bridge the great divide
between one device and another
very easily
I bridge the great divide
between my heart and yours
without resorting to fucking poetry.

adium is not working i shall stab it and stab it good

I been studying quite a lot lately. Censorship, language, and suburbia. Pity none of them turn up on my exams. Exams are my bane. Sometimes I think bane is a made-up word. Seriously. And Serio is a fun song to sing. I also sing when I should be studying. (Segué king much?)

I am going to that place in my head again. It is simultaneously good and bad. It is also simultaneously confusing and completely understandable. Join me. JOIN ME IN MY WORLD. join me in that place. It is music. And it is joy.

Incidentally, CJ Curry Studios would like to welcome "Joy" as the word of the day.

Push button. Receive bacon. Joy!
It's 4:30. Time for milking. Joy!
That's neither safe nor rational. Joy!

Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy gives you strength! Strength crushes enemies! JOY!

Down with this sort of thing. DOWN with this sort of thing. DOWN! ...ahem, have you met my dog, "with this sort of thing"? You have now. WOOF!

and now we go into the world of

in verses.

i wish
to be
person who is
not afr
aid of bein
g cj
rry or afra
id of the tr
of th
e past

in verses finishes here. please present your claim tickets.

I really should go now. But I won't. It's not time for the credits yet. But I will take a shower.


Boy, that hit the spot. But now I'm tired of writing. Meh, time for bye.

Credits (listed in order of appearance)
CJ Curry               Bertie Blackman
The Blog Lost Valentinos
CJ's Computer Au Revoir Simone
The Place In My Head Peter, Bjorn & John
Bandanna Leslie Ming
Key Technician Miike Snow
Cameraman James Yuill
Joy Trainer Sir James
Animations by Rob Swire
Sunglasses provided by Phoenix
Special Thanks Wolfgang Gartner
Producer Sam La More

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