November 13, 2009

November has nothing on me.

Things are getting hot and steamy here in my room. It's also undergoing a temperature change.

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. You'd think that after 39 posts, I'd have run out of ideas for taglines. And yes, I have. I shall have to think of more during the summer.

To celebrate the heat, I have decided to write this on a "Fuck You" Friday. So, fuck you, heat. Fuck you, humidity. Fuck you, common cold. Fuck you, headache. Fuck you, erm... just fuck you.


It's a double-headed post again. Today, I'll begin the wrap-up of Season 2 and next week I'll post an aftermath thing from the thing I'm going to tomorrow. Thing?

Speaking of things, I must visit the bathroom.


And now that I have visited the bathroom, I must visit the supermarket.


And now that I have visited the supermarket, I shall begin teh wrap-up.

There really haven't been very many interesting stories from this half of the year, from my part. Maybe you have some, I don't know. But I think it's because people have settled down into uni and just... mellowed. What a shame. There also weren't as many college events. What a shame. The events we did have didn't have many good stories from my part. OK, sure, I got drunk as a skunk one night (well, *just* drunk) but that's about it. Hm.

So I'll tell you the most hilarious joke I know. YOUR FACE!

I guess I've just had a damn good year with new friends, old friends, semi-new friends, and partly-old friends. In any case, you people roxorz my soxorz.

I've written a bunch, I've partied a bunch, I've learned a bunch, I've gamed a bunch, and all that shit, and now it's going to be gone from me for two months. But still, you gotta laugh, eh?

As you may or may not have noticed, most of my posts have titles and headers that are pop culture references. This week, it's a list of all the titles from the first and second seasons, each with a little explanation. Next week, it's a list of headers. Try and pick them before you look at the answers!
  1. "INTRODUCTION AND MAYHEM" -- this is obvious. Really.
  2. "SOME ASSORTED SHIT ABOUT ME" -- yeah, I'm not gonna bother explaining this.
  4. "DOOM BEFALLS US ALL?" -- if you notice, it wasn't actual doom.
  5. "HIDEOUSLY DISGUSTINGLY HORRIBLY RIDICULOUSLY HORRENDOUSLY RETARDEDLY STUPIDLY INCREDIBLY EXCEPTIONALLY LOUD" -- I was getting a bit of flack for my use of adverbs, or rather, my overuse of them. This is my response.
  6. "WHERE O WHERE HAS THE SERIOUS BLOG GONE?" -- Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone. A kids' song.
  7. "LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY!!!" -- o.O
  8. "AMUSE YOURSELF" -- which is why you should always amuse yourself.
  10. "DOUBLE FIGURES? OH MAN, HASN'T CURRY MAN BEEN ASSASSINATED YET?" --yeah, that's obvious as well.
  11. "BECAUSE I'M PISSED OFF. THAT'S WHY." -- I hate new movies.
  12. "MORE THAN YOU CARE TO IMAGINE" -- I can't honestly remember, but I'm pretty sure I've seen it before.
  13. "WHY, OH WHY?" -- There was an episode of The Glass House. Andrew Denton made a mess of things. Funny, though. Dave said - and I quote - "if this doesn't get us a letter in the paper, I'm giving up show biz", as Andrew responded with "And if it doesn't start with the words, 'why, oh why'..."
  14. "IT'S LIKE BEING HIT WITH A TRAIN AT 5 MILES PER HOUR!" -- That's 8 km/h, for all you freaks out there. The mindfuck doesn't always work...
  15. "DON'T BE TAKIN' THE LEGO..." -- Much like #13, there was a different episode in which Jason Byrne appeared. His funny hearing made him mis-hear a bloke who once robbed Lego as saying "I was taken in the orifice by the security guard". Afterwards, he shared a vision he had of the security guard humping the guy, moaning "don't be takin' the Lego..."
  17. "ZERO ZERO WAS ONCE A SONG I HEARD..." -- I kinda messed this one up. It was supposed to be "was a song I once heard". But anyway. It's a mix of my own song obsession - Zero Zero by Internal Sync - and another song obsession - Wichita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard by The KLF.
  18. "THE END IS NIGH" -- yeah it was.
  19. "GOD, WHAT KIND OF A NERD AM I?" -- that should be self-explanatory. All the lines below that title are song lyrics. I shall name them, in order. See:
    • Hi Friend - Deadmau5 ft. MC Flipside
    • Tiergarten - Rufus Wainwright
    • Music Talking - The Montanas & DJ Roland Clarke
    • One More Day - Floris (that should be "how will life be")
    • Revolution, Revolutions - Jean-Michel Jarre
    • What Happened - HCCR ft. Jessica Eve
    • Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox ft. Luciana
    • The Girl You Lost - Sia
    • What Else Is There? - Röyksopp ft. Karin Dreijer Andersson
    • Somewhere Beyond - Michael Gray ft. Steve Edwards
    • La La Land - Green Velvet
    • Magic Love - Bent
    • With Every Heartbeat - Kleerup ft. Robyn
    • Love, Sunshine & Happiness - Salmonella Dub
    • My Culture - One Giant Leap ft. Robbie Williams
    • Hold That Sucker Down - OT Quartet
    • Ride A White Horse - Goldfrapp
    • Lights And Music - Cut Copy
    • Shine - Telemetry Orchestra
    • Eugina - Salt Tank
    • La Ritournelle - Sébastien Tellier
    • Still Alive - Jonathan Coulter ft. Ellen McLaine
    • Bye Friend - Deadmau5 ft. MC Flipside
  20. "IT'S HERE! IT'S FINALLY HERE!" -- the end of S1 of the blog.
  21. "CURRY TIME!" -- I'm back. With credits.
  22. "BACK TO MINE? MAYBE?" -- this is explained in the post.
  23. "RUN!" -- Run!
  24. "NEWS, SPORT, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT" -- Not sure if this is the case elsewhere, but in some Aussie TV guides the nightly news report is written as "News, Sport, Weather".
  25. "BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT... AND HOT CHICKEN STOCK DRINKS" -- Take some boiling water, add two chicken stock cubes, stir, drink. Yum!
  26. "IT'S FUN!" -- Engrish, that is.
  27. "GO JUMP IN A LAKE!" -- Common saying.
  28. "CURRY EXPOSED!" -- Explained in the blog.
  29. "WHEN I SAY 'JUMP', YOU SAY 'FUCK NO'." -- An army saying... apparently.
  30. "EVEN STUPID-HEADS NEED TO EAT..." -- Which is true.
  31. "HOW TO LOSE TEN MILLION FRIENDS IN ONE AFL GRAND FINAL AD" -- This was when the new Vegemite formula's name was released to the public. The formula itself, pretty much nobody had a problem with, as long as the original Vegemite was kept. What people had the problem with was its name: "iSnack 2.0". Shoot them. That's an awfulawful name. (It's since been renamed to "Cheesybite".)
  32. "OH NOES, CURRY MAN CAN'T SPELL!" -- Part 1 of the non-backspace editions.
  33. "THIS IS THE LIFE..." -- Common saying. I like common sayings.
  34. "YOUR MOTHER WRITES POST-MODERN POETRY!" -- yeah, "your mum" jokes are getting ridiculous. "That's what she said" jokes are better. I like the fact that William Shakespeare invented "your mum" jokes: "Villain! I have don'st thou mother!" or something to that effect. (I'm not joking. Look it up in Hamlet, IIRC.)
  35. "KISS ME, I'M A BLOGGER" -- yep. Do it.
  36. "A POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD ALL GONE SANE... WAT" -- I get the feeling that I did plagiarise this from somewhere. Let me know if you find it. (Incidentally, "don't break" almost became a meme among my friends.)
  37. "THE FORGOTTEN POST" - apparently, 37 is the Forgotten Number. No clue why.
  38. "WHAT IS THIS 'CURRY' THAT YOU SPEAK OF?" -- Look up the etymology yourself. It's kinda cool.
  39. "IT COULD BE THE END OF THE WORLD..." -- You'll find out this one next episode.
Intriguement. Episode 40 coming soon, possibly with an aftermath report on my meeting today-morrow!

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