February 23, 2010

So, you wish to entertain me? Fine. Do it.

Hi. I'm CJ. And I blame PRNGs for my shortcomings.


<we interrupt this experience to bring you news from wround the world>

In the UK, it has been revealed that civil servants working at No. 10 Downing Street are afraid to challenge the way it is run. Apparently, bullying allegations have been made. What the hell is this? High school?

In the US, a court has found a doctor guilty of faking research for twelve years. He scored a bunch of grant money, and didn't use it on research; instead he fabricated data and studies and sent it to journals. Fake research? We have never seen that before, especially not with pig flu.

Still in the US, two men have been arrested following arson at a church. They're both up for life in prison if convicted. Sure, nobody cares about Project Chanology, but burn a church to the ground and you're up for a life sentence.

In the Ivory Coast, following the dissolution of the former government, the prime minister has announced the formation of a new government within 24 hours. And why not? I mean, it's the simplest solution for anything that doesn't work: use it until it breaks and buy a whole new one for half the cost of the repairs.

Back to the US, and apparently a Superman comic book is worth a mill now. The Action Comics book, which featured Superman's debut, was sold for $1m. FFS, it's a comic book. I could buy 100,000 other comics for that much and be even more happy.

In Canada, temperatures have soared to an amazing 50 degrees Fahrenheit - that's nine degrees for those who speak Celsius - and the Winter Olympians are in short sleeves. Hell what? Nine degrees in winter? How completely unprecedented! Some people suffer in 50+ degrees every year, but it doesn't compare to nine! I feel for those poor, boiling Winter Olympians.

Worldwide, there is a proposal for five referees to be involved in every World Cup match this June. This is to avoid incidents like Theirry Henry's obvious and blatant handball from occurring again. So, how do we avoid incidents like Zinedine Zidane's headbutt? Change insults to "Your sister is actually a very fine woman"?

Finally, in weather... There's lots of it.

<we now return you to our regularly scheduled experience>

Interview time. I might get the Experience syndicated in the UK! Wish me luck.



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