February 18, 2010

It must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Hi. I'm CJ. And I just remembered The Game.


It's a brand new day. I think. So it's time to write. I think.

For all those intent on criticising my blog: you are all good people. But tone it down, because I have many many mongoose allies that will take you snakes down. I also have ninja allies, hell bent on destroying the pirates. While the pirates worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster and all his Noodly Appendages, I am in league with the anti-Meatball.

So. To business.

I am about to eat tea. Very soon I will be travelling. I got a hat today. I have been eating my recommended daily intake of Tim Tams. I am just generally a nice bloke. And I haven't seen an aeroplane for some time.

I start teh class soon. Java is already my bitch so I will be trying to utilise it whenever and wherever I can. And I will also try and get a job. Season 3 may well be intermittent... or even cut short. Not that you care.

And now I shall go and eat my dinner jacket. Back shortly.


That pattern was pretty, was it not? I like patterns and I like dots. So why not?

Anyway. We were due to show you a plastic bottle of garbage juice, but due to budget constraints we couldn't. So, instead, I present to you the following insight:

Friends are people that don't ask for loaned money back.

And the following fun fact:

Ducks flying upside down don't actually quack up. That would be absurd.

I leave you with joy and bid you adieu. Happy Thursday!



This has been a CJ Curry presentation for CJ Curry Enterprises, Inc. Don't forget to enter the "Where In The World Is Curry Sanfrancisco?" competition. Last post's winner was Ms. Jacqueline Webster of 19 Curry Drive, Curryland. For correctly saying that I broadcasted Ep41 from an HTML laboratory, Jacqueline wins a very special rubber chicken. Don't spend it all in one place, Jaq! The prize for EP42 is: three screwdrivers (the tools, not the drinks) and a broken-down computer mouse. The screwdrivers don't fit the mouse, but the mouse fits the screwdrivers. Well, one of them. Happy hunting!

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