November 2, 2010


(rated M for Mature content: contains a season finale)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we ate chocolate until our faces exploded, proved that swearing is actually good for you, and did fifty thousand push-ups on a hot bitumen road.

And coming up today: season 4 ends without a bang!


It's become somewhat of a tradition to finish my seasons with something somewhat somehow serious.

So. Some of my favourite quotes (some mine, some not):
  • In your face, I can see your past. In my face, I hope you can see my future. This was one of mine. One of the most cautious lines I've ever written, because if you mix up the ordering a little it becomes a pickup line. I like to think that I look to the future while living in the moment and ignoring the past. Depends on which way you look at it, too.
  • A face in a cloud, no trace in a crowd... Mark Z. Danielewski gets credit for this one, as far as I know. It's in House Of Leaves. Nothing simpler.
  • Instead of changing the thing, try changing the world around it. Cheers to Brian Eno... and it's exactly my life. No jokes. No one person has changed me, but since I changed my surroundings - the world around me - I've changed myself. See the last quote for more.
  • The brick walls are only there to stop those who don't want it badly enough. The late Randy Pausch's famous last lecture rings true with me so much so I decided to put his quote pretty much everywhere. And my God was he full of quotes. "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." "We cannot change the cards we are dealt, only how we play the hand." I was impressed. Hugely.
  • If you find a path without obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere. One of my former work colleagues made this one. I don't know how flippantly she said it (because it was written on the quote board in the most flippant way) but, hey, it's a good thought.
  • Those who dare to jump will soon find that the ground isn't as far as it seems. Me. If you haven't read my other work, you'll know that this quote has both a physical and metaphorical meaning - and strangely, the metaphorical reason is the more obvious. The physical reason is simply because your eyes are anywhere between 4'6" and 6'6" (for most people) above your feet. Jumping two metres seems like four and a half - more than double the distance. Your eyes can deceive you. (Of course, 5' is negligible when you're skydiving or BASE-jumping but again, one's mind tends to perceive distances to be a lot longer than they are.)
  • Don't panic. Douglas Adams. One of the most famous quotes from his books, as far as I know.
  • Everyone has a story to tell, and a secret to hide. Another one of mine. Basically, ignore the secret and listen to the story. People love and respect you for listening to their stories, and love and respect you even more if you respect their privacy.
  • We should not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that every day is a miracle. HG Wells. You legend. Clocks and calendars are numbers - human inventions to help us mark time and communicate well with one another. But even in my world of numbers, sometimes it just gets too much...
  • E pluribus CJ. I saved this one until last because it looks like it's egocentric. In reality, it's the exact opposite. I'm not going to translate it, even loosely. But a hint: the old United States motto "E pluribus unum" translates to "From many come one".
That seems decent enough. All that's left, really, is to finish with a big "Cheers" to all and sundry who managed to push me through 2010 with as much force as they could. Given that I'm not easy to push, it's a fair effort. So cheers to everyone on this list (I'm only giving the first letters of their first names, to preserve privacy):

P C C M G J A N T T E L D S M M B M K C M N S A A D D C C D S S K L M K J A J C R R S H S E T J R M M N T S J M R A L G J M K L C A K E A J D S H M L C N K D C L T T K A holy balls i have so many friends J R B D E K C K M K N P H M R L L N R N B J J J J F J S M A E E

If I left you out, please complain. If not, that's fine. Because I'm not putting your letter in more than once. ...don't make me put you all in alphabetical order now. So big thanks all around.

Also, I'm going to wrap up 2010 by saying that it was a year of fun. And I'm going to start 2011 - i.e. Season Five - maybe a little earlier than 2009 or 2010 - i.e. Seasons One and Three. Keep your RSS feed readers tuned, but I'll give plenty of notice on Facebook and Twitter. Also keep posted on See J as I'll be starting that on January 1.

Finally, here is a short word from the mayor of Curryland:


Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we don't know yet. Stop hassling us.

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