October 29, 2010


(rated M for Mature content: contains red lines and Sharpies)

Last time on the CJ Curry Experience: we lifted a shop above our heads, comprehensively reviewed every RTS game ever made, and bought some zombie artifacts.

And coming up today: we interview Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney about whether Hobart should get more sporting events, jump on a few wet pointy sticks, and juggle flaming chopsticks until our eyes get sore.


I've been blasted lately for having a Mac. Yeah, that's right, I have a Max. My Mix is now over two years old, and outperforming one-year-old PCs. Plus, a Mos comes with components that actually work. The Mur OS is a thing of beauty, whereas Windoze is not. Also, Maw peripherals are very cute. And this is why I have a Mug.

I've been accused lately of being happy. Lies and slander, I say! Blasphemy! I'm not happy, I'm fucking euphoric! OK? Get it right!

I've been told lately I'm going to do a good job. Yeah, cool, but that doesn't stop me from feeling way too young! This is the ONLY thing I'm complaining about. I'm going to make stuff up as I go along, I'm not going in totally blindly kthx. ...actually, yes I am. This is blind. Objectivity is going to be a rare and expensive gift. Someone give me objectivity for Christmas!


I've been informed lately that I'm back at uni for another year. This is helpful, because this means you guys get more Experienced. Actually, I'm thinking about renaming it "The CJ Curry Project". No, wait. "The CJ Curry Idea". Maybe "CJ Curry: To Infinity And Beyond"? Nah. "A Tale Of Two Curries". Something.

I've been notified lately about the worrying state of weather that this world has entered into. It's very worrying that there is weather. I mean, weather really doesn't do us humans much good, does it? Sign a petition online to try and ban weather, whether that weather is naughty or nice. I'll get the results back to you as soon as I can.

I can't think of any more decent synonyms for "told" so I'll just jump straight into what I always wanted to do with this blog, which is insert a whole bunch of nothing in for no apparent reason.

And now I'll write something here, just so that it looks like I've stopped the blank. But I haven't.

And then I'll start writing again.

I'm impressed at your ability to keep reading this blog after 79 posts. Especially the most pretentious, self-deprecating M-rated blog ever, even though it hasn't called itself pretentious for ages, and has never called itself self-deprecating. But I'm impressed nonetheless. It's a good way to show that any Tom, Dick or Harry can make a blog and blog until the cows come home, even though nothing of any significance happens. And on that note, I have cows to take home.

Next time on the CJ Curry Experience: we trek through the wilderness of Tasmania, play Bok until our drawing hands collapse, and sit down with a few hundred DVDs and throw them at a wall.

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