March 21, 2011

Curse you.

the 88th experience has begun...


The time has come to once again gaze upon the world, in all its misguided glory, and see what's happening. In other words, news time.
  • LIBYA: rebels have apparently taken note of Egypt's example and started an attack on their leader of their own. Big difference: Gadhafi's not giving up his country. So the US, UK and France have taken it upon themselves to help take Gadhafi out. Funny, really, given that they won't lift a finger to take out the massive scaremongerer himself, Robert Mugabe...
  • JAPAN and CHRISTCHURCH: earthquakes have gone all "zap zap" on the two countries, though more so on Japan than New Zealand. A Twitter comedian (not mentioning names) has also ended up with foot-in-mouth disease after he cracked jokes about the Japanese quakes and they were "insensitive". Jokes similar to (but not exactly) the following: "New favourite song in Japan is Carole King's 'I Feel The Earth Move'".
  • BACK HOME: the iPad 2 and the Nintendo 3DS are coming out soon. Within a week and a half. The iPad still doesn't have Flash, USB or SD, and probably doesn't have Bluetooth either, and is still therefore a useless pile of junk. Meanwhile the 3DS is going to promise 3D gaming without glasses, AR, cameras, WPA2, and a whole bunch of upgrades from the DSi. Give it three years, and there'll be a new model that turns it into a useless pile of junk.
  • INDIA: Australia have lost their first ICC World Cup match in 12 years, going down hard against Pakistan. In fact, I'd go further: I'd say the Aussies bent over while the Pakistanis spanked our miserable arses. Shadow of our former selves indeed. More than likely we're playing India in the quarter finals, but no guarantees there... Regardless.
  • AUSTRALIA AGAIN: apparently men with prostate cancer are more likely to die form the cancer if they live in the bush, rather than the city. (There was little difference in the rate of incidence of cancer, however.) In an unrelated study, men who live in the city are more likely to choke to death on carbon monoxide than men who live in the bush. Also to jump off skyscrapers. Also to get into a freeway crash. Also to...
  • USA: Robert Pattinson cries. Oh wait, I misread that news article.
  • TWITTER SAYS: Rebecca Black. Who?
  • NOWHERE: There isn't much other news happening, because Libya and Japan are dominating the news. Oh well. Donate to Japan and don't travel to Libya.
Short post. Bye!

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