April 11, 2011

I've been to paradise.

the 91st experience has begun...


Shazam! Today we has a guest writer, who calls herself Fred. And here she is:


I can't write anything for this blog, I'm not weird enough. I'm not a nerd. I don't know many internet memes, and I don't eat pounds of pasta... so if you like this blog you probably won't like me.


Cool story, bro. And now I am about to use an obscene word in this blog, so please stop listening for a moment:


So what's happening in my life? I've transmogrified into a six-ton African bull elephant, stabbed myself in the head with a pair of feathers, eaten a refrigerator whole, talked turkey with a chicken and chickened out of a turkey fight (yeah, I'm a turkey. Fowl joke), and found the meaning of the word "cathartic". I've also scored twenty points in life.

My friend is a cat. Your argument is invalid.

My camera never lies. Wait, what? You didn't know about my camera? Well, sit down. Have a marshmallow. Let me explain. About fourteen years ago, my friends decided they wanted me to look stupid in front of a billboard. As a result, I'm now taking a photo every day. Or something like that.


bl├╝ vector?



Cool story bro. And now it's time for me to feed my pet crow. I suggest you all do the same. If you don't have a pet crow, then you either have an itch, or you just lost The Game.

join the experience again soon...

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