April 25, 2011

Land of the great known.

the 93rd experience has begun...


This is a special report from special reporter CJ Curry, your Tasmanian correspondent. In Tasmania. I've been sent to investigate the serious allegation that Tasmania is not, in fact, part of Australia, but a different country. Here's what I've uncovered.

For those who don't know, Tasmania is an island off the south coast of Australia. It was founded by the Dutch, called Van Diemen's Land for a while, then largely ignored until it became a penal colony. It's still largely ignored, mostly by under-zealous mapmakers and globe manufacturers.

I've been invited here by someone largely acknowledged as the most interesting mistake I ever made. So I'm spending six days here, from today until Saturday. I shall report my findings fully next weekend. It's for this reason (and for reasons of wood) that I haven't written a blog in ten days. But the wood is mostly harmless.

I haven't been drunk yet. I have been driven mad. I've travelled along the West Tamar and the East Tamar and the Midlands and I can't tell the difference. I'm also astounded at the small amount of heads on each Tasmanian resident.

What's Tasmania like? Compared to Victoria, it's greener, smaller, hillier, and with less aeroplanes. But it's beautiful, so far.

I'm about to be whisked off my feet again, probably to scoot off somewhere else in Tassie. Relax, have some pancakes, and I'll be back soon to report on my findinHURK

join the experience again soon...

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