May 22, 2011

What is this? I don't even...

the 96th experience has begun...


Tell me to stop, before I get to the mega-epic-100th episode special.

Today I have played Pachinko with a Diamondback, some Camels, and a Nightstalker. I had The Vision to Shout "We Will Survive" and dodge a Pistolwhip, and regained my Composure with a Fire Wire cable. I'm kinda Over Emotion, so if you ask me to Feel The Drums, I Can Only Disappoint You. I also discovered that you have a Fixation on Flesh. I also met a drugged-up alien - a.k.a. a Spaced Invader - who thinks that this is a Strange World. Yay!

i got what you want, boy

I am not blinded by your moxie. I am not impressed with your chutzpah. I am not amazed by your use of different and unusual words. You're not a nice person. Neither am I. But I suppose you're nicer than I am. In a sense.

I have been asked if I'd consider making FORTRAN and C my bitches. Given the hideous failure to make C++ my bitch and the hideous success making Java my bitch, I think I'll pass and wait until I can find a decent C# book. Also, while I'm at it, buy my book. And speaking of which, the CJ Curry Experience is still taking donations for interesting parties... I mean, from interested parties. Send the donations in the usual way: put the cash (no money orders or cheques) in a padded envelope, addressed to fe80::e916:43e8:230b:3dc5 (or, if you prefer, 2002:83ac:507e:f:e916:43e8:230b:3dc5). Throw it into the sun, and watch the fireworks (they will rain down on my house automagically).

i got what you want

Brazil. It's a nice country. Also a nice song. But that's all I know about Brazil.

And now I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there is no good news. The good news is that's all the bad news I have. (Also that there's pie afterwards.)

RIP phone. You were as much of a second-hand phone as I expected you to be. But I'm not mourning, as it is after noon. I enjoyed your company. Later, phone!

and you ain't gonna get it

My other project is slowly garnering more and more hits. Please be one of them. Bye!

join the experience again soon...

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