May 3, 2011

I looked at your bandannas, and thought of you.

the 94th experience has begun...


...sox bigger than a bread box I told my pink volcano, who was wearing my two-litre, five-speed octopus... WHAT? Oh yeah. Good. Time for me to stop stealing content and try writing my own.

I'm sitting here pondering my recent trip to Tasmanialand over a slice of chocolate pie. Nom. And I promised a report on the beautiful Mastania... so here it is. It was beautiful. The end.

I suppose I'd better fire off a better report. I visited Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, and a few others. And I became a person in an interesting position of having visited Hobart, Perth and Melbourne all within eight hours. Challenge accepted? I'd like to see the west coast a little more next time, and Cradle Mountain (I like cradles. Especially the cat's cradle), but otherwise I did enjoy my international trip.

Best place: Cataract Gorge in Launceston. Loved the way it crosses nature with the city. Major tourist attraction much? Loved the beauty, loved the wonder, loved the walking tracks that I haven't yet been on. Good incentive to go back.

Also best place: Binalong Bay. I haven't seen snow that white since Snow White. ...or, rather, sand. I haven't seen sand that white since Cable Beach in Broome. Mind you, the white sand at Cable Beach swept me off my feet...

Also also best place: Salamanca Place's market. Small-time compared to the Queen Victoria Market, but still quaint and fun to shop for bargains. Found some souvenirs for my folks, as well as a poster for me that will stop me explaining to every single foreigner/non-cricket-fan that cricket is NOTHING LIKE BASEBALL.

Also also also best place: Monster Cookie Café. They do deep fried Mars Bars!

Also also also also best place: Queen's Head in Hobart. I loved the band they had: "Lively Up!" Obviously influenced by Bob Marley, they did reggae and funk and everything except Dreadlock Holiday. :( Didn't matter much, because I sang it afterwards to myself. I don't like cricket, oh no, I love it...

Also also also also also best place: Ross. It's a quaint little tourist trap, and I liked it. I went on the advice of Daddy Curry, and was advised to visit the bakery. Two bakeries in Ross, and I got the wrong one... Still, eh?

Also also also also also also best place: Exeter bakery. Again, a quaint little town. Not a tourist trap. And they served a nice spinach roll.

Also also also also also also also best place: home. There's no place like it, even if you're on holiday.

So what's my verdict? Compared to Victoria, Tasmania is greener, hillier, colder, smaller, and quainter. Or quirkier, whichever you prefer. It's not a different country, but it's different country. Also, I found no two-headed people. Maybe they were hiding...

join the experience again soon...

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