September 15, 2011

"Go jump in the lake" has a literal meaning here...

THE CJ CURRY EXPERIENCE: EPISODE f'(0)|f(x)=-108sin(x)

Alrighty. Personal shit this time around, because you love personal shit and gossip and you don't like hearing about Curryland or kittens not dying or aeroplanes or any of that other crap I spout on about (I used to say shit about bicycles!) so I'm gonna play some tapes from my life in the last few weeks.

First and foremost, the unthinkable happened. That doesn't necessarily mean that all is lost. But it does mean some pretty radical changes for me and a few people involved, especially mentally. So I may be posting in a different style for a while. Yes, that's right, it's affected me that much. That's right, bitches, I wore something *other* than black the other day.

Second, I now have a fully-functioning Java program. Needs a little more work for shit like "oh yeah, this chump got hurt so we need to fix up his numbers". But otherwise it works, it's in beta, but it's not on the Internets yet. I need to consult an expert first. HEY MISTER HAWKING! ...wait, wrong kind of expert.

Third, I like Jona Vark.

Fourth, it's a mistake to write when I'm addicted to a song.

Fifth, I got the job again for next year. In case you missed it. So I'll be busy a lot of next week. So I may not post. You may not care. I'm still writing twenty every season. And every season is still going to be six months. And I'm going to keep this up for my whole uni career. And I'm still doing my 365 project. And I'm also going to find some other way of logging next year and its activities. I had a diary in '07 and a 365 project in '11. Maybe videos? Or something else? That'll make three 365 projects. Ah! I has an idea!! The idea is this: "Seven Days In Seven Minutes". Talk about my week in front of a camera, 52.14 times. With guest(s) if need be.

Sixth, I'm tired and I have class soon.

Seventh, and last, your aeroplane is getting away. Go catch it.

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