September 22, 2011

Everyone join in for the chorus!


I have finally found song lyrics that describe me almost perfectly. Almost. The problem is, they're from a bunch of different songs. But hey, I'm going to write them anyway, and I'm not going to mention anything about kittens or dying. Hooray! I'm writing lyrics verbatim but you all know what I mean. I hope.
  • I'm vulnerable. I am not a robot.
  • The phoenix, alive.
  • Mistaken for magic.
  • Walking through the night trying to find his way home again, lost and forgotten. Upon the treetops, he sits and watches all of the people as they ponder. He's thinking out loud, speaking to a ghost about the way which he wonders; acceptance to the fact that there's no turning back. I know where I stand: I am a man amongst the people. Like a jigsaw, the final pieces have come together.
  • We can't fly.
  • Chasing broken dreams.
  • I like a journey way into the night.
  • Every face I see is cold as ice, everything I touch is pain, ever since you lost imagination. Sometimes the sound of goodbye is louder than any drum beat.
  • I saw a million people staring at the sky, I heard a million voices sing into the night. I saw a million hands there, high into the air. If you remember anything about paradise, they say you were never there.
  • You could be all that you want to, but you can't make someone want you.
  • I can't slow down.
  • Time for the sun to shine.
  • I don't want to think anymore about anything that I can't see.
  • Got no time for memories.
  • Why do I carry such a weight on my shoulders?
  • On a warm night in March, on a dark disco floor, I danced up a storm like I'd never before. Every step in the book, and then some that weren't listed; for a song or two I thought nothing else existed.
  • It's late and I'm awake.
  • Poor Leno.
  • Alone in the dark.
  • The map has started tearing along its creases due to overuse.
  • I can look at my shadow as much as I please. You will never come close to how I feel.
  •'s over.
Oh yeah, and THE CAKE IS A LIE.

Next, I feel that I need to show you a little sneak peek at what I'm studying. So here:

 \frac{1}{v^2}\frac{\partial^2 u}{\partial t^2}=\frac{\partial^2 u}{\partial x^2}. \,

(I stole that from Wikipedia by the way)

And finally, here is a short burst of someone being ripped to shreds.


Thank you. Good night.

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