March 3, 2012

We are the 58% who forgot who the 99% are.

entre dos aguas.


I apologise for lack of posting. This lack of posting has been largely attributed to a sudden influx of drama. Neighbours, The Bold And The Beautiful, Coronation Street... seriously. To make up for it, I have three guests. Across from me is the Kitty, complaining about typos and "atrocious spelling and grammar". She's right - the writting she's reading is awesomely bad. At my 10 o'clock is "Fuck You", named such because she is lazy and can't decide on a name. She's currently reading out a Facebook status involving penis and vagina. To my immediate left is Limitless One, who is passively listening to us and laughing deeply inside. So, now, on with the blog.

Blarg. Pipe cleaners.

Double helixes are too much fun to be ignored. DNA cannot be ignored as it is tiny and within every cell in our body. DNA is also in science fiction but I don't know if it's in science friction. Friction is science. Sweet.


And now I shall mash on the keyboard of my brand new tablet and see what turns up:

And now I shall do it again:

There's a half-eaten bottle of water in front of me.

"I say I say, you look as if you're running for your life!"
"I'm going to the doctor's, I don't like the look of my wife."
"I say, now, there's a notion, it does sound rather fine,
I think I'll go there with you, I can't stand the sight of yours either. Seriously, she looks sick."

"Fuck You" just gave us a personality test. She asked us to imagine a horse and describe it in three words. Limitless One imagined a unicorn. Apparently the horse represents what we'd like to see in a partner. The Kitty suggested that Limitless One's partner is "white, mythical and horny". Winner!

And finally, to *properly* celebrate my winning this awesome tablet, here's some more keyboard mashing:
Drisosjdghskedgndmsosjshewdihfkmdcnvodiwgijdfwimdbfjchtwkmbvsijbfjhbdwknbiywljwheknfldkdwjljhidc jchjwboudwjgeijb

Infinite monkeys, infinite typewriters...

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