March 27, 2012


be amazed.


What a week. In fact, this week has made me weak so I shall be brief and awesome for brevity's sake and  awesomeness' sake. Mm, sake.

DAY ONE. Stardate, one. Blown completely out of the water by something someone somehow somewhat said, some way or other. But then I blew myself out of the water. Dirty.
DAY TWO. Stardate, three point seven oh one. My green hair did not lead us to any kind of victory. Fuck.
DAY THREE. Stardate, four and a half. By this point, I've pretty much decided to follow through with all that's happened despite looming SWR stuff and demons (how unexpected!) in my head.
DAY FOUR. Stardate, seven. IM IN UR HEAD KILLIN UR DEMONS. Aside from one they pretty much all died that one night. In fact, I'mma say they killed themselves. All from half eight to half ten.
DAY FIVE. Stardate, seven and a half. This is the real life and it's awesome. Fairy tales crop up in the real world too, y'know.
DAY SIX. Stardate, eight. Back in the Rat and winning at le trivia nights. Bottle of bubbly and a coffee percolation device! Plus I has a new blaster so FEAR ME.
DAY SEVEN. Stardate, nine and a bit. Add a presentation night and lots of shoppings and we're rolling.
DAY EIGHT. Stardate, nine and a bit plus one. The trip back from the Rat was uneventful. But I'm back and that's all that matters.
DAY NINE. Stardate... aw, hell. I forget what stardate it was but hell if I'm going to forget that shit's official now. Bring on moar funzies!
DAY TEN. The other stardate. Crash.

Ten days is all one needs, really. And now I present a mental image of me staring at a wall:

And now I present a piece of hedgehog, also via mental image:

And finally, here is the Grand Canyon, inserted into your brain via mental imagery.

This feels weird.

Have an adsfmovie and begone with you!


Anonymous said...

Does your good mood and daemon killing have anything to do with Suricata suricatta?

CJ Curry said...

My good mood and demon-killing has absolutely nothing to do with Suricata suricatta. It actually has more to do with rabbits, and a possible Australian fast bowler.

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