March 7, 2012

Becuase there's nothing else to do.

come and join me.



A tablet in the hands of a CJ during a particularly annoying lecture can be a very dangerous thing indeed... Have some pancakes.

For those who aren't aware, I'm getting my hair dyed. It's the first time I've ever done so, pretty much because Curryland law forbade it for some time. Now I've gone all "fuck the establishment" and decided to get it done. If you wish to donate money to this worthy cause (that is, the Leukæmia Foundation), you have two options. Click here and follow the on-screen OST instructions, or stuff the money into an envelope 2" by 3" by 18", throw it on the back of a cruiser or aircraft carrier (but not a battleship), pray to the nearest albatross that the money makes it, then go home and bury your head in soft sand for three months.

I owe you NOTHING. NOTHING, d'you understand???

...a park bench is sitting outside the new wing of the owl on the run from the hundred metre sprint and towards the red ute near the pink martyr reading about reliability metrics and eigenvectors for the Big Day Out in 2073.8 which doesn't surprise me in the least, because park benches like sitting.

mooooooooooooooooooovie -- Clarabell the Cow


don't take my life away

I do not. I DO NOT. Tolerate. Lack of. Tolerance. Please tolerate me.

People have often asked me if I have any useful advice for them. My best advice is: break the rules. And in honour of that sentence: FEEEEËEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEÊEEEEEEEEEEP

I am going through a Car Stereo Wars phase. Their smooth music has broken me, but it'll come to nothing.


Please tell me you're feeling evil too?

Here's a serious topic. I am constantly annoyed by the recent outbreak of classes that seem to occur in and around institutions of learning. Class interferes with the important stuff in life, such as living. It's also apparently cause for teasing - since I myself have come down with a mild case of classes (namely 14 hours per week) I have been teasingly told I am an arts student. Well, that's correct, if you want to call a spade a wooden pole with a bit of metal at the end. Ooh, metal and wood. There's also a bit of knowledge in there. Throw in some food, wealth, and oil, and we have the basis for Rise Of Nations. Oh, excuse me, sorry. I was daydreaming. Now where was I? Ah, yes... adventuring.

I'm going to therapy tonight. It's been a long time coming.


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