April 18, 2012

I have no tomatoes!

set your foot down.


Apparently I use the words "ain't", "weren't" and "innit" now. I also use the words "bizarre", "eclectic", and "Thursday". Is this a deficiency? No. It is caffeine. Juicy juicy caffeine NEEEEEN. (also I have the fangirliest fangirl squeals evar and I also have the clock and the white lion and aaaaaaall the Angry Birds (except the toucan because the toucan is crap and does not do anything productive (but it did get me a piece of fruit once in Angry Birds Rio (and I really need to stop overusing these brackets (but they look kinda cool when you combine them with Polish notation (because Polish notation with brackets is just LISP (holy fuck this is the seventh layer of brackets))))))).

If you are new to this blog (as some people are) then you need to realise that it is full of randomness, non-sequiturs and logical fallacies. And, for that matter, logical phalluses. But no matter, for I am blogging whilst wearing a pinstripe zootsuit that is coloured pink with purple polka dots.

Take THAT.

three are white and one is red

I see an aeroplane! Ha, it's been a while. But that aeroplane better not try to cross me, otherwise I will bring down fifty megatons of ultradeath on its shiny metallic arse. If it has a metallic arse. I think it's actually made of silk. Or rice bubbles. Who knows.

I just want to interrupt you for a moment:
Thank you. Carry on.

I have a cookie. But YTMND says PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN NOW!

blaaaaaaaah. I want food.

save my life
save my life
save my life
save my life

Finally today, I wish to show you a small blank space.

Carry on.


apanickahh said...

Soooooooooooooooo happy making. Yeah you fangirl like a crazy fangirl boss(it is the best thing to watch).
Yay it was good and nice and fun *pets hair* good
crazy nerd boy.

CJ Curry said...


apanickahh said...

Don't you mean hoot, twit twoo, whoo whoo or some other owl sound?

CJ Curry said...


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