April 11, 2012

Time for a special brew!

enter the matrix.


You are the reason why
one foot goes down
at the right time, tonight
and I'm telling you
all these things will follow you.
I'm feeling rough, I'm feeling raw
and time don't matter
so let it slide.
It's our future.
I'll show you light,
let's build a nation.
Say you will
feel love before it's gone.
tout est bleu dan tes yeux
and I still love you.
This could be real
because that's what I want to hear,
find me inside every heartbeat
and draw me to the beat
with every heartbeat.
See the stones set in your eyes
and do the two-step all night,
tonight is dying on its own
and there's no stopping us
and all I'm thinking of is you,
I love your precious heart.
I believe it's magic.
Do you see my face?
What do you feel?
My story stops here,
and we must remember:

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