August 17, 2012


I am CJ Curry. This is the Experience. And you are about to lose The Game, again and again.



Shazap. I have appeared and ruined whatever fun you were just having five seconds ago. Time to be even more wreckworthy, in my opinion. The method shall be aeroplane, the timing shall be plenty, and there will be the sound of violins being played with orchestral manœuvres at, erm, night-time.


hear an alley cat?

Here is a Curryland employee and resident and friend and servant whom I wish to have you meet. His name is JakJak and three of his five senses are missing. Thankfully he makes up for it by having supremely awesomely amazing senses of sight and taste. He can also speak five hundred languages and jump off the Eiffel Tower without so much as a scratch. Oy!

Also, Julian Assange is in the news again. Bastard. Why can't I be in the news? Curryland needs all the promotioningness it can get!

Games that are next on my list for completion:

  • Professor Layton IV (and London Life)
  • Borderlands
  • Wii Cricket
  • Pikmin 2

Unfortunately, due to a snafu earlier today, I am forced somewhat to make this a short post, leave you lot to your fun, and hold over the content I was going to post today next time. Which should be within a week.

I'm dangerous... and we are the people who'll rule the world.


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