September 25, 2012

Bring your favourite lady.

I am CJ Curry. This is the Experience. And your face is now quite, quite itchy.


So, here's my summary of the latest video games to hit my PC, Wii and DS screens.

BORDERLANDS 2: a very sweet game. Just different enough, and just similar enough, to its predecessor to make it just as fun. Love the writing - it has just as much humour as the original - and the AI is FUCKING BADASS. I am the deadly assassin Zer0 and I cannot be happier. Screw Axton and all those chumps. But hell, I applaud the niceness of this game. A lot.

NEW SUPER MARIO BROS 2: in contrast, this sequel left me wanting more. It took me a matter of hours to beat the main campaign, and only a few more to finish everything that isn't a huge grind. The levels are kinda cool, but the amount of levels (in comparison to previous games) is pitiful. It took me a maximum of two playthroughs to collect all the star coins and moon coins. Not great. Not bad graphics though.

PIKMIN 2: it's a bit older, but hell, I ain't complaining. Much better than its predecessor - though there isn't a time limit, the strategy required is a lot bigger. Also the story line is kinda cool too - not exactly post-apocalyptic or dystopian, but not too bad either way. I love the new Pikmin too. I look like I'm going to hundred-percent it fairly quickly, but only because I like Pikmin 1. And I sure as hell can't wait for the third.

SLENDER: spooky enough.

UPLINK: hmm, not too shabby. Bit older, but I enjoy it. Probably because I like the whole cyberpunky/futuristic stuff, but also probably because I have aspirations of becoming a computer genius too. Without the hacking and shit. But hey... I'll survive if I don't.

PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES: deadly fun. I love the cartoonish silliness of this simple yet fun strategy game. Mind, cartoonish silliness always seems to appeal to me. I do enjoy it, and I enjoy the fact that plants can one day stop the zombie apocalypse. But hey.

PROFESSOR LAYTON AND THE LAST SPECTRE: OK, first, I hate that it's spelled "specter" on the cover, because clearly we don't spell it like that. But if you get beyond that, much like its predecessors I love the puzzles. I was able to get a number of them a lot quicker than in the first game because they have a nice, similar feel to most of them, though I do still get some nice surprises. Also London Life is my dream come true.

NERF N-STRIKE: It came with a Nerf gun. The game itself did not appeal.

On my list next:
--Black & White 2 (original was fun. Bring on the sequel.)
--Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion (original was fun. Bring on the sequel.)

Currently hanging out for:
--Pokémon Black 2 And White 2 (original was fun. Bring on the sequel.)
--Super Smash Bros. 3D/Wii U (Brawl was fun. Bring on the sequel.)
--Pikmin 3 (originals were fun. Bring on the sequel.)
--Paper Mario: Sticker Star (originals were fun. Bring on the sequel.)

I think you got my gaming habits down now.


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