October 6, 2012

That is the sound of your death.

I am CJ Curry. This is the Experience. And you're going to pretend you never saw this.


Let there be a hundred and fifty-first episode!

So, there shall be blood. Here is my list of video games, (possibly) signed and sealed and finalised:

  1. THE NEVERHOOD (PC, on feet) - clock the game
  2. WII SPORTS (Wii, on feet) - earn five medals
  3. NEW SUPER MARIO BROS 2 (3DS) - collect 10,000+ coins in Coin Rush
  4. PORTAL (PC, on feet) - complete six achievements in Challenge Chamber mode
  5. SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL (Wii, on feet) - beat randomly-selected CPUs
  6. TETRIS 3D (3DS) - accumulate three million points in any game mode
  7. UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 (PC, on feet) - win an InstaGib CTF
  8. MARIO PARTY 8 (Wii, on feet) - win a 30-turn party
  9. POKÉMON BLACK (NDS) - attempt a Super streak at the Subway
  10. STARCRAFT II (PC, on feet) - obtain four achievements
  11. MARIO KART WII (Wii, on feet) - score flawless victories against the hardest CPUs
  12. BUBSY (SNES emulated with PC) - clock the game
  13. AGE OF EMPIRES 2 (PC, on feet) - win a standard deathmatch
  14. SUPER PAPER MARIO (Wii, on feet) - win a postgame challenge
  15. SLENDER (PC) - collect all eight pages
  16. MARIO KART 7 (3DS) - obtain 200 VR
  17. BORDERLANDS 2 (PC, on feet) - complete five missions
  18. WARIOWARE, INC. (GBA emulated with 3DS) - get a 100-win streak
  19. RISE OF NATIONS (PC, on feet) - win a tech race
  20. POKÉMON BATTLE REVOLUTION (Wii, on feet) - beat a Masters set
  21. SPELUNKY (PC, on feet) - open a new door
  22. KIRBY'S NIGHTMARE IN DREAM LAND (GBA) - beat Meta Knightmare
  23. WII SPORTS RESORT (Wii, on feet) - obtain five stamps
  24. I HAVE NO TOMATOES (PC, on feet) - smash 1,200 tomatoes
This thing is taking place over the weekend of the 13th and 14th. BRING IT THE HELL ON.

And... that's all I got for you, for now. Except to say that after the math I will present an account of it.


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