February 12, 2013

Eat more cake.

"This is where we daydream."

May I remind you: Long Live My Cricket Bat!

crush you with my crushy thingy perhaps?

Zoot Nr. 1: I am dyeing my hair again. Please click here and then click a bunch of other stuff and type in some stuff and give money to the Leukæmia Foundation please yes please. I am going to make things slightly more interesting next year but it all depends on how much moneys are donated this year. The magic date is March 14.

Zoot Nr. 2: I am running Melbourne. I'd love it if you guys could sponsor me for this one, but it's not as high a priority. I've still got a lot of shit to sort out. I'm mostly doing it because I can, and I like running. Matter of fact, asking me to run or walk somewhere (within reason) is like asking the Pope to be Catholic. The magic date is July 21.

Zoot Nr. 3: I am playing games again. The plan is to have four gamers, myself included, to fuck each other up (instead of just me fucking myself up). Bring on the bangarang! We'll be competing for a Prize. The Prize is to be determined but I'm sure we can pick on a few ideas. It's gonna be a mindscrew and a half. The magic date is November 2.

Watch this if you are over 18 and have a sense of humour.

I wanna make pancakes. Can I have some pancakes?

one hundred and nine. and counting. and i hope to hit one hundred and fifty by the time of twenty three. for that is another magic date. but not very magic when other people think about it. man i am getting so busy over the next week and a half. please help me by sending me pancakes. long live my cricket bat.

TIME WASTERS! Click on them. Not for epileptic folk.
And that'll do ya, you time-wasting fuckers. I'm outta here too.

did you just scowl at me for calling you a time-wasting fucker? i'm sorry. here. have a cookie. and pie.

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