April 9, 2013

Well, it's better than my day job.

"Four friends, a chance, treasure hunting, and cheeseburgers."

Alright, fine. The Ideas Weasel has gone on holiday. So have this instead.

Love is crazy, you know, love shining nuts, majestic creator of his body evolver start

In my opinion that is worth a little bit of fun, and yesterday, on my blog for everyone. If I do, but it does not know you now because the Engrish, knownst, which for me any more than fluff. Strong Engrish! Yeah. I am very pleased and dumplings.

Thank you for your fingers and custard fish.

If you have not seen my Twitter feed, you run. Its focus is on the Monday, I have released five songs every week cool music. Hear the tourists, especially to the Astral Plane Flying the Lotus, this is a brilliant song. In addition, the doctor shook my small world. I really want to see what happens this last two came out.

I think I will now have a new customer writer. Figza core or four, maybe maybe. I have many rope. So, let's take a look at those who ...

Now my main number is 247. This marked increase in my words. It grows quickly, we quickly increase. Also, I think I set the new desktop, and come up with. Great! I love custard buns.

Ah. I, I can tell other people what is everyone involved in it is not a huge spoiler warning? I know! Aircraft, bicycles, all I can say about cheese. This is because it is the ABC's CJ - Curry. So far. This situation may change. Maybe. I do not know.

This episode is not written on my balcony. Someone who has the call my pocket. I asked the custard buns.


Will have a few minutes to me? Thank you. You can get them back is not.

The sun, the rain, and the experience has brought you Ellen Allien, brought to you by Google Translator. Great!

this footer is not the only part that isn't in Engrish.

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