April 2, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the blogosphere tonight...

"'Elite Freelance Treasure Hunter' has a nice ring to it."

Ladies and gentlemen, I have some sad news for you. The CJ Curry Experience is ending with this episode. It's been a great run and I thank you all for viewing and faithfully tuning your RSS feed readers toward me, but I h... oh wait. April Fool's Day has been and gone again, hasn't it? Dammit. Right, well, that's thrown a spanner in my works, because I have nothing else planned.

Excuse me while I go and feed the Ideas Weasel.

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Music!

Nah, music is pretty much overdone in this blog. And on my Facebook. And damn near everything I touch. (by the way you should go listen to this, this and this) And in the meantime, more food for the Weasel.

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* News!

I did a newspost a couple of posts ago. I don't want to do more than one within such a short span of time, otherwise people will rely on me too much. I ain't a newspaper. (by the way North Korea has spat the dummy at South Korea... again) Time to feed the Weasel again.

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Curryland!

Actually, Curryland is a bit boring at the moment. We've hit a fairly neutral point in our history and we're waiting for the inevitable apocalypse at the end of 2013. (by the way I ate an egg)

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Warped English!

Too late. I've already started the post. (by the way there is another one of these posts coming at a random time and date)

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Aeroplanes!

Aeroplanes are... hm. Actually, I haven't seen many aeroplanes. And the ones I have seen have been annoying as hell. (by the way three stopped us filming a sketch today so I am quite annoyed at them for the moment but I am sure that will change)

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Balcony session!

That... that goes back to music. I gotta upgrade the quality of the Idea Weasel food. Rainbow jelly perhaps?

nom nom nom nom nom

*burp* GTKY!

Get...getting to know you? I only do that twice a year and I have already expired this season's quota! Stupid weasel!

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Hole punchers!

The hell does that even... I can't write a whole blog out of hole punchers!

nom nom nom nom nom
*burp* Anti-freeze!

Alright. I'm gonna replace the Weasel.

nom nom no-
NO! No more rainbow jelly for you! Back into your box. And for now, I apologise, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to hold off more original content until next time I jump into the Internettingness. Or next Tuesday, whichever comes first. In the meantime, I need a new Ideas Weasel, and if anyone has a fresh one (or second-hand, for that matter) that they'd like to donate to the show, email it to me by April Fool's Day 2013 (in another time zone, silly.) by packaging it up in a manatee-sized box and attaching wings to it via Red Bull.

hey. you try coming up with ideas that don't involve cheese.

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