August 14, 2009

I declare blag!

Oh noes. I is coming down with a cold. Perhaps it is a piggy flu? Bah, I'm not that lucky.

Welcome back to teh CJ Curry Experience. Guaranteed to piss you off at least once, perhaps twice, and to always, always return for a third shot. But not to piss you off. To seriously offend you.

We all love sax, don't we? I been loving teh sax. Acid jazz is my hero and my idol. Help support acid jazz by buying a frog from your local auto mechanic.


Back To Mine is a series of music compilations. Teh music is mixed by guys or girls or bands who are usually famous or semi famous on teh EDM scene. Teh selection of music is music that teh mixers would listen to after a night on teh town. I likes it. I even have my own little Back To Mine playlist. I should mix it. Maybe. But I could get arrested. Copyright violations and junk. Maybe. I don't give a crap about my own copyrights, but I respect teh copyrights of others. Hee!
  1. Air Traffic (ATC Chill Mix) - Three Drives (smooth. subtle. instrumental. sleepy music.)
  2. Ants And Feet - Felix Laband (more feet than ants. and more windy flagpole than ants.)
  3. Bbydhyonchord - Aphex Twin (this guy likes him some lucid dreams. i must try them again.)
  4. Blackpool Roll - Mr. Scruff (this stuff is far too fun to be taken seriously. i like.)
  5. Broken - Car Stereo Wars (indie music rocks my coccyx.)
  6. Cat On Teh Fence - Felix Laband (garfield could take some lessons from this guy.)
  7. Cobrastyle - Robyn (surprised that a song by robyn made it here? well, have a listen, you'll see what i mean.)
  8. Come - Lemon Jelly (lemon jelly and mr. scruff are both fun. i like lemon jelly. listen to their new album. it sounds nothing like their old albums.)
  9. D-Hell - Remote_ (also sleepy music. i remember falling asleep to this, then waking up, and denying i fell asleep. i got lulz.)
  10. Drei Auf Drei - Sascha Funke (german minimalism. w00t yeah.)
  11. Everybody's Talking - Harry Nilsson (those who have lost respect for me, leave now.)
  12. Feeling Oblivion - Turin Brakes (this is teh song i want played at my funeral. i likes it too much to not be played at my funeral.
  13. Hello There (Presets Remix) - Cagedbaby (despite teh presets getting their hands on this, it's a nice laidback tune.)
  14. I Melt With You - Nouvelle Vague (oo. cover band.)
  15. IZ-US - Aphex Twin (yes. him again.)
  16. Kelly Watch Teh Stars - Air (second-most-listened-to tune in my library. over 5,600 songs, and i've heard this one 64 times.)
  17. Kinetic (Orbital Remix) - Golden Girls (look. it's instrumental. teh song reminds me of mell born. deal with.)
  18. Letting The Cables Sleep (Teh N.O.W. Remix) - Bush (much more café del mar than its original.)
  19. Love Forgotten - A Man Called Adam (no. the band is not one man.)
  20. On - Aphex Twin (he makes ambient music. if you hadn't noticed, teh majority of my playlist here is ambient...)
  21. Radio Right Now - Felix Laband (yep, him again. i get a neat little mental image whenever i hear this one.)
  22. So Long - Mr. Scruff (so long is right. nice for a melbourne night.)
  23. Still Light - Teh Knife (this probably doesn't belong here any more. but, oh well, what can you do?)
  24. Sunday - Moby (this is probably not teh 'sunday' you're thinking of. it is a b-side, and it is instrumental. and it has 78 plays.)
  25. Take Teh Sun Away - F.R.I.S.K. (acid jazz...)
  26. Taste Of Funk - Mateo & Matos (acid jazzier... well, really, it's more acidic than jazzy.)
  27. Tricycle - Psapp (toys! i still can't get over teh fact that these guys use toys!)
  28. We Share Our Mothers' Health (Ratatat Remix) - Teh Knife (if you'd heard teh original, you'd know why i have this version...
  29. What's Teh Matter? - Yppah (my newest discovery! i found him when i watched rage late one friday night. well, early one saturday morning.)
  30. Zero Zero - Internal Sync (one of only three house tracks. god this one is good.)
  31. 4 - Aphex Twin (ok, fine, i have an aphex twin fetish. judge me not, freaks.
  32. Also Sprach Zara-- waitaminute...
And, bye now. See you next time I get teh balls to post another bleg.

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Choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov
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