August 21, 2009

Time for a quick interruption.

man so much of my music is bringing back so many memories i mean HELL i have a lot of music and a lot of memories

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. Better than money, better than food, better than power, better than sex, better than \b\.

In order to comply with Internet blogging standards, I am writing this episode of the experience naked.


News: all my friends are fuckups. Some of my friends are turning 21. None of my friends are named Aloysius.

News: I have had a very long, hard day, and a very long, hard week. (And a very long, hard something else.)

News: The world is doomed, and we're to blame. Climate change, global economic crisis, Microsoft Windows, you name it.

News: There's been some more bombings in Baghdad, Iraq. My my, everyone's so buggy these days...

News: Tower 2 won the tower parties. Damn.

News: I just opened a bottle of Agrum. Delicious stuff.

Sport: The Poms need to win. They're not going the right way about it. The Aussies can afford to draw. They're not going the right way about that either.

Sport: I won my squash match tonight and I am wrecked.

Weather: Dark.

News: A man's life got took away in the city today... erm... no. No more.

I need bickies. But I don't have any. That's a bugger. I also need a bed but my blog has a slightly higher priority. So does Tetris. And cats.

I still believe there is a fundamental truth... Bye.

Credits (listed in order of appearance)

CJ Curry Shane Warne
The Blog Randall Monroe
CJ's Computer Garfield
News A Compass We Found In The Dumpster
Sport Gary Glitter
Weather Zeus
Agrum SueƱo
Electrician Nikola Tesla
Idealism Crushed By Humanity
Director's Cut By A Razor Blade
Catering Mars Bars
Special Thanks Simon Katich
Producer Pamela Anderson

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