August 8, 2009

Prepare to be sieged.

Guess what?

Welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. That's right, I'm back. Deal with it.

Give a cheer! After two months, I'm back and blogging. I predict that about half of my reader(s) will be cringing and the other half will be just about to shoot themselves in the foot. Or higher. But I'm back, and there isn't anything you lot can do about it. Welcome to Season 2!


And thus we begin.

First: a summary of the last two months: Aeroplane! Bicycle! Car! Dromedary! (Camels are transport too, idiots.) Strawberries and cream, antidifferentiation, hello world, cat5 and deadmau5, Lunchbox, M&L, and the Met.

And now a summary of the next two months: Aeroplane! Bicycle! Ca... I mean...

Which is better: System.out.println() or cout<< ?

I pwn j00.

Now that we have that little unpleasantness out of the way, it's time to try being even more stupid. Sunday! Elephant! Spastic folders! Cosplayers! Chilli con carne! Keys!

Welcome to my life. Again. For those who missed out, here is a quick summary of me (if you miss this post, don't worry, you can find the same information on any packet of RedHeads matches after tranimssion.)

Name: Curry Man

Birthday: Few and far between
Country: No, city.
Occupation: Uni student, blogger, and professional stalker
Course: Entrée
Countries Visited: Elbonia and Biddleonia
Special Talent: Procrastination, overestimation, lethargy, egotism, puns (and maths and computer science, but those are just sidelines)
Age: A thousand and one, plus four and twenty
Shoe Size: 12 1/2
Hat Size: One million
Has Visited St. Kilda: Occasionally
Has Really Visited St. Kilda: Barely

So, for all those people who are new to the Experience, that's me in a nutshell. Well, two nutshells. But only peanut shells. I don't like other nuts. Just peanuts.

And for those who don't like me: just remember that I vote.

Credits (listed in order of appearance)

CJ Curry Hugh Hefner
The Blog Rodney Hogg
CJ's Computer Deep Blue
The Peanuts Charlie Brown
Aeroplane Budgie The Little Helicopter
Sound Technicians Thomas Edison
Alexander Graham Bell
Electrician Benjamin Franklin
Best Boy Me
Special Thanks Hallmark
Producer Stephen Hawking

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