October 22, 2009

Step one: throw back head. Step two: laugh. Step three: repeat step two constantly.




...ahem. That would be the Scotch and cola talking. Now, shift over, Mister Cola, it's my turn.


Oi! Out of my chair!

And, now that we have that little unpleasantness out of the way, welcome back to the CJ Curry Experience. We promise that we will either entertain you, or make you vomit into your own scorn. Well, not necessarily scorn.



We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you a breaking news story.

Terrorists have successfully managed to gain access to some of the world's most inconspicuous explosives, and are slowly but surely detonating them in proximity of the world's largest glass dome. The glass is slowly breaking. More news from that horrible, horrible pun later on this evening.

...and he practically yells, "You idiot horse! I said POSSE!"

Best joke in the world. Srsly.

And now, the best quote I've heard all year:

FLUPPY -- Is that a yellow pen?
CJ CURRY -- No, it's yell- oh...

Wait, what? That was me making a fool of myself. Oh well. And now, I present to you a small box.

| |
uh... how d'you make the bottom of the box?

But never mind that. ASCII wins anyway. And so does Avicii. And Ryskee. And Miike Snow. And all those other questionably-spelt artists. Todd Terje is a major win IMHO.

Gyah. Brain no worky.

I must remember to give my regards to the air. It's been a bright, sunshiney week so far. Which has been particularly mindfucky for people who are not used to this kind of treatment by the weather. Such as me.


...ahem. (must remember to get me some Ventolin)

A few random thoughts before I sign off:

Given that life on Earth is temporary and short, then this sentence is a non-sequitur.
Junk in this dimension is junk in another dimension is junk in yet another dimension. It's still junk.
Erm... cats can't fly?

And that, my friend(s), is all. For today, at least. End of Season 2 coming up in 5 posts! Secrets shall be revealed in Post 40! Names shall be named. That's the only hint I'm giving. BAI!

Credits (listed in order of appearance)
CJ Curry               William Shakespeare
The Blog James Joyce
CJ's Computer Francis Bacon
Glass Leo Tolstoy
Posse Jane Austen
Ascii Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Mindfuck William Wordsworth
Electrician Edgar Allen Poe
Plumber Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul
Carpenter Alfred Tennyson
Painter Phillip K. Dick
Special Thanks Ray Lawler
Producer Andy Griffiths

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