October 3, 2009

I used to dance with my daddy...

Let us begin. And this time, we shall begin properly. I mean it.

Welcome Back to the CJ Curry Experience. The all-new, un-backspaced iedition!


I thought it would be fun to play without backspaces for a post or two. Matter of fact, this shall be th first of a double header. The other shall be a Windows edition. I mean Windoze. You will see missing or superfluous lettersL: don't panic! You'll also see me saying "I mean..." a lot. Maybe.


Anyway. Lots to have been happening this weekend. And lots that didn't evd up happening. Curse! Bats. Curse! Snakes. Curse! Something or other.

I liek my life. DANG! Stupid misspelled wiords that come out to e perfect anyway. DO NOT LIKE! I mean, DO NOT LIEK! I mean... WHAT!?

...anyway. Apparently, the winner is Rio de Janeiro. Should I capitalise the D in "de"? I don't understand spanish capitalisation rules. Or German ones. All I know about Germa is one wholly inappropriate phrase: "Mein schlange ist ein flammenwurfer" or nowever it's spelt. Something like that. You can look it up to see what it means, I'm not going to repeat it here. (Yeah, we're sick sick minded guys here a Curry Studois.)

I has Sundownb Syndrome.

You can thank Tame Impala for tht. Man they sound old school. They could be the fucking Beatles if they wanted.

I hear someone using Skype... or something beeping at laest. Could even be a multi-stage fitness test. Hold on a minute...


...erm, how do I put this? it seems to be getting louder?

But anyway. Could be just my imagination. It could also be a dodgy smoke alarm otr a dodgy speaker or something. Yes, I have speakers!!! Meow.

Either way, it's coming from the room next to me. Yow.

Pretty soon, I shall have to evacuate. I apoloise in advance byut I can honestly claim no responsibility for lack of enjoyment of this blog. Which is still, by the way, the only M-rated blog in history to be self-referential, pretentious AND M-raed. How's THAT! The only M-rated blog that's M-rated. (Man, I ned to show this to the Office of Film and Literature Classification...)

I wish to ... erm... I sish to jump off a cliff and land safely? I dunno.



meh. I forget the pain after the wound recover.

And, by the way, my wristwatch triggers my electronic lock! ...but it doesn't open it. That would have been awesome.

My love sees you...

Credits (listed in order of appearance)
CJ Curry               Daryl Somers
The Blog Ossie Ostrich / Ernie Carroll
CJ's Computer Dickie Knee
Backspace Ian "Molly" Meldrum
Static Redmond "Red" Symonds
Tame Impala Andrew Fyfe
Quality Control Russell Gilbert
Cameras Wilbur Wilde
Lights Livinia Nixon
Sound Effects John Blackman
Grip Trevor Marmalade
Delete key stolen by Jacki McDonald
Special Thanks Jo Beth Taylor
Producer Plucka Duck

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