March 8, 2010

Now, we'll enjoy ourselves.

Hi. I'm CJ. And I may be a tad insane at times.


These are my firm beliefs:

--Those who dare to jump will soon find that the ground isn't as far down as it seems.
This one works two ways: literally and metaphorically. First: unless your eyes are at ground level, which they seldom are, you'll find that the ground is a good metre and a half further away from your eyes than your feet. Jump! It's safe! Unless there's shitloads of rocks underneath. That isn't good for making you happy. Second: Take a leap into the unknown. I mean, hell, you might find that it works out nicely for you! Yep, it won't be as bad as it seems. I took a leap of faith this year. My faith is still being tested. Though it's not as bad as it seems... and... I still have eight months left. Ish. I dunno, I'm not Wonder Woman.

--Everyone has a story to tell, and a secret to hide.
True. From a pseudo-random survey of four people (namely myself, my friend, my floormate, and a rubber tree that we found lying in the closet), I discovered that everybody does indeed have a story to tell (in fact, I have two) and that everybody does indeed have some pretty nasty skeletons hanging in their closet - nasty enough that we don't tell our SOs1. My story: I have two, but I won't share them here. One story I tell people willingly, the other story I leave behind cryptic clues and only explicitly tell those who I deem worthy. You're not worthy, if you're reading this, and I haven't told you yet. WORTHY. As for my secret: show me yours and I'll show you mine.

--The power of belief cannot be overestimated.
One word: PLACEBO. Believe in yourself and believe in other people and you'll... believe a lot. And maybe get eggs for breakfast2. But enough of that. Even if you need someone else to believe, I believe that the power of belief is believeable. Believe me. And never believe anybody who says "believe me". But still, belief in oneself equals power in oneself. It will work if you believe it will.

--One should not forget the pain after the wound recovers.
Because if you do, you don't learn from your mistakes. As is it's far too easy to fall into that trap. All of a sudden, it'll become a lesson lost and a lesson failed. In any case, there's one lesson I fail at constantly, and I shall share it with you now (because sharing is, of course, caring). I constantly fail at immediately writing down my ideas. As a result of this, I forget things far too far too often. In fact, I forget some things with alarming frequency. In fact, sometimes I forget things while I'm writing. In fact, I should stop saying "in fact". Still. Remind me to write shit down, otherwise you're going to get stupidly insane blogs - in fact, just as bad as this.

Speaking of which, it's birthday bash here at The CJ Curry Experience. I've been writing this junk now for a year. Give a cheer. Or don't. Just depends on how you feel, I guess. Hell, feel free to take to me with a taser and go all "zap zap" on me. It'll make me brighter!



1. Significant Other. In other words: girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, life partner, parent, guardian, lover, grandparent, dog, or three-ton sumo-wrestling Mexican walking fish.
2. See Experience 10: Spare a dime?

This has been a CJ Curry presentation for CJ Curry Enterprises, Inc. Don't forget to enter the "Where In The World Is Curry Sanfrancisco?" competition. Last post's winner was Mr. Jason Lindstrøm of 34 Rice Way, Curryland. For correctly saying that I broadcasted Ep44 from an old oil barrel near Curryland's capital, Jason wins a very flavoursome lock of my hair. I wouldn't suck it! The prize for Ep45 is: two eucalyptus leaves that were once used to play the kazoo. Hurry, the next post is coming soon!

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