March 13, 2010

Obsession? No, I can give it up at any time.

Hi. I'm CJ. And I saved my country five times in the last financial year.


In order to comply with Curryland regulations, I must post the following warning on this particular blog.


Thank you. Now, you may enter the Zone Of CJ. There may be graphic content.

I'll start with a little bit of news from Curryland. Currently, I'm sitting on a $0.15 blog empire. The blogs that partner me are not looking upon me favourably. They want to see me hung, drawn and quartered for some strange reason. It is because of this that I have had to make my location less traceable every post. Thus, the "Where In The World Is Curry Sanfrancisco?" competition will get tougher, starting this post. If nobody wins the prize, it will jackpot. It WILL jackpot, or ELSE.

In the meantime, enjoyment of this blog is now mandatory. If you do not enjoy this blog, you need to stop reading it... or I'll get into a lot of trouble. Hell, my ninja broadcast has already made me a fugitive. Not to mention the various and copious amounts of hacking I've been doing of late in order to get it done. I'm in a lot of trouble should I ever get caught. Don't expect too much from me if I do get caught... but I'll do what I can to stop it.

If you do like this blog, please help me by sending me your support. Message me, comment, whatever. I just need your feedback. And no, feedback from running a microphone straight in front of a speaker will not do the trick, because ninja broadcasts can't get sound feedback that easily. Sorry. Anyway, that's all I have to say.

Please ponder on the following question for a little while: Why is it so?

While you're pondering, here's some thinking music.

da dada da da da dada da daa da daaa da da dadada da da
la lala la la la lala la laa la laaa la la lalala la la
mm mmmm mm mm mm mmmm mm mmm mm mmmm mm mm mmmmmm mm mm
oh ohoh oh oh oh ohoh oh ohh oh ohhh oh oh ohohoh oh oh
mi miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mi (tricked you there!)
de dede de de de dede de dee de deee de de dedede de de

Do you have an answer? No? Well, it sucks to be you then. It's not my problem.

I'm looking at my fridge right now. It contains a bottle of fictional1 cordial, some biscuits, a half-finished bar of chocolate, three apples and six bananas. I need more biscuits. BISCUITS! Speaking of which, it has been pointed out recently that biscuits are different in the fictional2 land of North America. I do enjoy biscuits, but I don't enjoy biscuits. I prefer scones to biscuits, but I absolutely love biscuits.

Currently there are four laptops in my room. One more and we'll reach maximum occupancy.

Incidentally, people have been asking me whether I am left or right. So, for all of your benefit, here is my left/right status.
  • Right hand
  • Left hand
  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Left wing
  • Right foot
  • Left brain
  • Right brain
  • Left hand
  • Right arm
  • Right arm
  • Right eye
  • Left ear
  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Right leg
  • Left knee
  • Right hand
  • Right leg
  • Left leg
  • Right thumb
  • Left hand
  • Right hand
  • Right here.


This has been a CJ Curry presentation for CJ Curry Enterprises, Inc. Don't forget to enter the "Where In The World Is Curry Sanfrancisco?" competition. Last post's winner was: Ms. Joanna Cressley of 553 Rice Way, Curryland. For correctly saying that I broadcasted Ep45 from the tank of the world's largest water gun, Joanna wins the two beautiful-sounding eucalyptus leaves. Watch out for angry hordes of koalas, Jo! The prize for Ep46 is: a staircase that was once used as a substitute player for Barry Bonds. Think carefully about my location!

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