April 15, 2010

I feel I must warn you... about... something.

Hi. I'm CJ. And I've heard all your excuses before.


I have glitter in my badger, my drinkbottle is full of carpet, and the kitchen is infested with paper. It's been a good minute.

Has anyone else been following the news? Because the news is still bad. I just switched on the news and I got a bunch of different crapola from the same left-wing perspective about... something. But still, the left-wing... wait, is it left-wing? The crapola that I watched was... well, it wasn't really crap. Hell, I've lied throughout this entire fucking paragraph. AND I DON'T CARE.

I hope you like elephants.

I have recently found the definition of "fun". The definition is "several people sitting in front of a games console playing a racing game, cursing each other out at 140 decibels during the middle of the game, swearing revenge after rage-quitting, and eventually punching each other out because nobody can agree on the result of the match even though every single player lost to a CPU player". Hell, if that's not fun, I'll shove my head in a barrel and call myself Richard for the rest of my life.

I really hope you like elephants.

So the reason I didn't write much over the last week or so is because I needed to tighten security on my ninja broadcast. Turns out that Curryland police have been following me, even though I've been trying my utmost to cover my tracks. Blogging will be more intermittent but I do promise to finish Season 3. The "Where In The World Is Curry Sanfrancisco?" competition will also be terminated. The winner for Ep50 was Joan Miller of Tikka Drive, and she wins the noughts-and-crosses grids. I won't say where I am, though, because that's far too much of a risk at this stage. Gratz Joan.

Oh, and one more thing: PLEASE FEED ME BACK. Not many people feed me back about this blog, despite the fact that several people read it. You all know who you are. I feed you with tasty tasty words, now give me words back. I like to know whether my blog is good or not, whether it needs changing, or whether I've thrown in enough stuff about random stuff and stuff. Stuff me with feedback!

Please like elephants...

It's currently 4:46p. I am listening to music that generally should not be listened to until 4:46a. HELP ME, I'M CHRONOLOGICALLY CHALLENGED. Or whatever the PC term for it is. I dunno. It's probably "doesn't know about time, doesn't give a fuck about time, and <insert insult here>".

Now. Assume you're a cat. Therefore, you like tuna, right? Because cats like tuna. Also assume that you meow, because cats meow. Now also assume that you hate dogs. Most cats hate dogs. Congratulations, you are now a cat and I shall come to your house and feed you milk and little niblets of kaviar. Because you're a CAT.

See, I used to be like you. But I gave it up, because it was habit-forming, and I don't want to be a nun. <groan>

If you don't like elephants by now...



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