March 8, 2009

Everything I say is being <> bananas.

Hello. I am CJ. Read my words. Be my friend.

Welcome to the CJ Curry Experience. The world's most pretentious M-rated blog, with a guarantee of 50% less 1337-5p33k than all other pretentious blogs.

I aim to entertain. I aim to fascinate. I aim to confuse. I also aim to piss you off. So on that note, I proudly present:


I was the leader of the Great Fashionista Swindle.
I am the only person to simultaneously hold 37 world records.
I can hold my breath underwater for over half an hour.
I save the Australian Government billions of dollars each year.
I was the real inventor of the lightning rod and the Bluetooth protocol.
I have often been told I have delusions of grandeur. But I don't believe them, because I don't know what the word "delusions" means.

So. I'm a geek of mathematics and computer science. I'm a cricketer, in particular an all-rounder. I like music and I have made a little of it myself. I appreciate art and I have made a fair amount of it myself. I like TV comedy and some action/scifi movies.

Then again, I lied about holding my breath underwater. Believe what you will.

So, what can I do?

I can eat a Pounder burger without any negative side effects...


Anonymous said...

Go eat a pounder Ceejy you wuss!

CJ Curry said...

I, uh, did. About a week before I wrote this.

CJ Curry said...

(also, who calls me Ceejy anymore?)

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading all of the posts from newest to oldest(only took me one day, I have a sad and creepy life).
You entertained, fascinated and confused me. You failed in pissing me off but you sure as hell amused me so I hope that makes up for it.

CJ Curry said...

I have failed at pissing people off. This disturbs me.

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