October 24, 2011

Soundlabs, trains, and a barbeque.


Ahoy. And un-ahoy.

You should meet the people who figure most in my life in the moment. First, there is me. Say hi to him! He is a 6'3", 165lb civilian, interested in cricket, mathematics, computers, video games, and helps his landlady carry out her garbag-- wait. Wrong movie.

Next, there is Figs. Say hi to him! He is an expert at killing zombies, as well as not giving a flying fuck about certain things. (Not a bad thing.) He (presumably) enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset, as well as J├Ąger bombs and Heinekens (although he thankfully leaves his collar un-popped).

Next, there is Tisiphone. Say hi to her! She likes anything that is fluffy, and consequently, is in training to be a vet. She is also in training to be a crazy cat lady, which kinda makes sense as she will save a fortune on vet bills.

Next, there is the Battyman. Say hi to him! His quick wit and sarcasm, as well as his checkout chick abilities, make him an ideal candidate for Awesome Of The Month. He's also studying robots, to find out what makes their clockwork tick. (Oh, I crack myself up.)

Next, there is the soundlab. Say hi to... er... it! OK, it's not a person. But it's run by a person. And I appreciate it every Sunday night slash Monday morning. Much respect for the soundlabs.

Next, there is the IT Crowd. Say hi to them! Computer scientist, games specialist, electronic engineer, information systems person, and lunatic. Also expanding to include another electronic engineer and another information systems person, and (honourably) a civil engineer.

Next, there is Yatesy. Say hi to her! She specialises in medieval weapons of all kinds, essays, and annoying me. I also found out lately that she's not great at pillow fights. But she's cool. Damned cool.

Next, there is a small lump of green putty I found under my armpit one morning. Say hi to it!

Next, there is a bunch of songs I use to cope with everyday time. Say hi to them! I post them here.

Next are all the rest of the Chisholmites. Say hi to them! They make me and my life awesome and well worth having fun with. I enjoy it.

Finally, there is me. Say hi to him!

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